Can Strong Independent Women Find Love?

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Are powerful women less attractive to men? Not if you know how to play it well.

We live in a culture where women regularly break the glass ceiling and actively grow in their careers. Does that mean success oriented women are less attractive to men? Not necessarily.

Let's get one thing clear, honorable men seeking relationships are NOT put off by strong women.

If a woman is angry, pushy, or otherwise defensive around men, that will be a total turn off. Furthermore, some may say that someone who bullies, competes, forces, or manipulates people, and/or makes demeaning remarks is powerful. Actually, those are characteristics of someone with a boat load of insecurities.

So let's back up and define what a powerful woman is and is not.

  • A strong woman does NOT bitch or bully.
  • A strong woman does NOT put others down or gossip.
  • A strong woman does NOT need to manipulate a situation.

Those traits are total turn offs.

A woman in her full personal power, however, is a magnetic force that men flock to like bees to a hive. With that power comes a great responsibility to consciously manage one's attraction/energy and use it wisely. A woman in her feminine power is power-full.

So what are the traits of a strong independent woman in her full feminine power?

A power-full woman knows how to make herself happy and express joy freely.

One of the most underestimated feminine power principles is that joy is a choice. When a woman chooses joy in any moment whether it's closing a big deal, drinking a glass of water or doing some chores, she can delight in the activity and enjoy herself. Culitvating joy in one's life is one of the most important keys to attraction. Tapping into that power to bring forth the energy of joy is not only rewarding to the woman herself, but to those around her.

A power-full woman honors her emotions and takes responsibility for having them.

A strong woman does cry. In fact, when there is an authentic emotion that brings forth tears, she cries without feeling embarrassed. For she knows that her emotions are rich messages from her soul. That they are to be acknowledged and expressed (without harming another). They are her source of guidance and path to healing.

A power-full woman never resorts to blame, shame or guilt.

She is strong enough to take responsibility for her actions and results in life. If someone did her wrong, she knows how to express her feelings responsibly, and she waits to get clarity on what remedy she needs or wants from another and/or provides it for herself. When you master this, the man you'll attract will be emotionally healthy too.

A power-full woman communicates her needs and desires directly.

My husband confessed he was attracted to me in part because I have always shared the truth about what I need. Sharing with expectation is a demand. So is expecting that he knows what you need or want without a direct request. Demands will push a man away. Rather sharing in a way that expresses a desire that you need help to bring about can inspire a man to rise to the occasion to make that a reality for you. 

A power-full woman puts herself at the top of her "to do" list. 

When a woman chooses to honor herself and her well being first, she has more energy to give to others. This doesn't mean she lets go of her other responsibilities.

A power-full woman takes responsibility for her financial well being. This doesn't mean you have to be dripping in riches (though you could be). Instead, it's important to stay out of debt and create a savings. Being responsible for your economic situation allows you to be free and clear minded. If you "need" a man for financial purposes, you are less attractive and they can sense it without you ever saying a word. Get your financial house in order and watch your magnetism rise.

Where To Start

If any of the above descriptions of a strong and independent woman surprise you, then it's a great time to master your magnificent power. Use the Feminine Power Cards to explore your feminine essence and step into your full manifesting power as a woman.

"With great power comes great responsibility." When a woman steps into her authentic feminine power she can change her family dynamic and even the laws of a country. Think about what the woman who started MADD accomplished.

An extremely successful woman client shared that over the years men have appreciated her and been drawn to her work as a financial advisor because she is a woman who could match them intellectually and competently. Further they appreciate the gracious quality in her client relationships and delivery of her work.

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The Feminine Power Card that says, "A Woman In Joy is a Radiant Woman" is one of the most important when stepping into your full strength. A woman in joy makes herself a priority. She takes care of herself by consciously creating joy in her life. Joy is the access to love. Not the other way. Your essence already contains all the power traits you need to find love. Create more joy and advance your journey of being a strong independent and completely lovable woman.