5 Sizzling Date Night Ideas For Couples Who Love To Cook

date night ideas for couples who love to cook
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Bon appétit! Here are the most stimulating date night ideas for foodies.

Why should you have your next hot date night in the kitchen? Because the next best thing to a full-body orgasm is seeing, smelling and eating something that ignites our taste buds, exceeds our imagination and plays with our senses. Yes, food is unquestionably the most powerful aphrodisiac known to mankind and absolutely the way to your partner's heart.

The great news is that having different taste buds and food preferences doesn't change this truth. If you prefer hamburgers and beer to foie gras, then the perfect burger with a perfectly-chilled beer is waiting just for you. No matter what food you prefer, the gift of culinary pleasure, especially when it comes from your sweetheart, will send your libido up a dozen notches. Need more convincing or directions? I've listed five fun, food-related date night ideas for couples who love to eat and cook. These are in order from nice to naughty, so don't jump ahead! Think of it as a "culinary foreplay."

1. Invite the neighbors for a potluck group date. Progressive dinners have been around forever. Many of us work so hard we've become disconnected from our communities. And when we do have time for ourselves, there's so much pressure on a couple to entertain each other. Take the load off. Gather five to 15 couples, pick a few homes within walking distance (it's good to walk so you don't need a designated driver) and make each stop a course in the dinner. Each couple can cook one of the courses. It's important to select something that can be prepped ahead of time and served or heated easily. You want to enjoy the evening with your sweetheart and friends, and not worry about cleaning up too much. The best part is, you'll get acknowledgement for your creation combined with laughter and love.

2. Shop a farmers' market. One of the most exciting things about preparing food together is the joy of co-creation. A great place to start is the local farmers' market. Grab a canvas grocery bag and walk through the market picking your favorite fresh, locally-grown items. Consider making a soup, an amazing salad, or grilled vegetables to go with your entrée. Some markets sell grass-feed beef and fresh-caught seafood—it's your choice. Be sure to grab the most yummy-looking hand-crafted dessert to finish the evening. Keep reading...

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