Marriage Advice for Breadwinner Wives

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Does your husband resent your paycheck? Read how to avoid marriage conflicts.

According to Fox News, mothers are now top earners in 4 out of 10 American households. While most of these families are headed by single mothers, a growing number of them are married mothers who bring in more income than their husbands, according to a study released by the Pew Research Center. Here's my marriage advice for breadwinner wives.

I have written before about the five basic human needs. [To check your compatibility with your partner, take our free basic needs assessment.] We all have an individual profile and certain profiles will cause this "Wife as Breadwinner" dynamic to be problematic. Not all marriages will encounter problems when the wife earns more than her husband, but if your marriage does, here's how to deal.

Many men have the expectation that they will be the providers and their wives will be the nurturers. Males with particularly high needs for power will have the most difficult time with a wife who earns more money than they do. When the husband has a low need for power, he will not mind that his wife makes more money than he does.

If the husband has a high need for survival, then he will be happy that his wife makes good money to secure their family's future. However, if he feels his wife spends that money frivilously, then they may have conflicts about money.

When a husband has a high need for fun or freedom and his wife makes more money than he does, it could go either way. He might enjoy the extra money that allows him to have fun and freedom to enjoy other things. But sometimes, when a woman has a high paying career, it is necessary for her to spend a lot of time at work, causing her husband to have less freedom and fun as he spends more time at home with the children. This would create great conflict. Keep Reading...

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