Keeping Your Dating Life Hot Through The Winter Olympics

Keeping Your Dating Life Hot Through The Winter Olympics

Win a gold medal at love! Let Sochi Olympians prepare you for your next dating venture.

Rumor has it that there’s a lot of hooking up going on in Sochi’s Olympic Village, but I'm sorry to say that this article is not about that. Instead, as the 2014 Winter Olympics draw to a close, it’s worth examining how Olympians’ training can offer a great template for finding love. There is surely la thing or two you can learn from the dedication and training that these top-notch athletes exert, and apply it to dating in a way that’s highly effective. So if you’ve been frustrated in your quest for romance, listen up!

1. You don’t go into an event "cold."

The preparation before the Olympic Games is what makes a gold medalist rise about the rest. Warming up, practicing, training and pumping up mentally are all vital parts of winning a medal. Even just before entering the arena, praying and strategizing are a given for these athletes. So for something as important as finding the love of your life, you should do no less. Inner readiness, boosting your confidence, and donning your winner’s attitude are things you can’t afford to ignore when love is your goal.

For example, if you’re online dating, never, ever, ever open your computer until you have primed yourself. Be in a good mood and vow that you’ll take online interactions lightly. Otherwise, you'll be going into the game "cold," and it'll be no surprise if you end up disappointed.

Go on dates with your communication skills in good shape. You should practice conversation when it doesn’t count, so you’re primed when opportunity knocks on your door. This is why no date is a wasted date; it’s all practice! When the love of your life comes along and you’re almost struck dumb by their hotness, those flirting skills you’ve been practicing regularly will save the day.

2. A gold medal was not the first thing they've ever won.

Every Olympic athlete has a trophy case bursting at the seams, as well as ribbons tacked all over their childhood bedroom walls. All of these years, they have been building an inner template for success, and now they know they’re good and they’re used to winning.

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