Juan Pablo Fever: In New Zealand With 'The Bachelor'

Love & Dating On 'The Bachelor'

What can we learn about dating from this week's episode of 'The Bachelor'? Spoilers ahead!

The Bachelor is an addictive show for tons of reasons. For one, it's fun to travel to exotic locales with the Bachelor and his female compaions. And it also helps to know that you're not the only one who has train-wreck moments when dating.

This TV show is a great chance to observe people on real live dates to get some insights into dating. So what can we learn about dating from this week’s The Bachelor episode?

1. Adventure bonds: Isn't New Zealand gorgeous? Who wouldn't want to go there on their next vacay? Anyway, Juan Pablo's first date was a one-on-one with Andi, the prosecutor from Atlanta. It went well, to say the least. They went on a crazy adventure through "The Sqeeze" a narrowing rock passage to a beautiful waterfall with hot springs. I was pretty sure that Juan Pablo was going to kiss her face off!

THE LESSON: A recent study showed that couples who include adventure in their dates bond more quickly and deeply. Worked for Andi! Would it work for you?

2. Everyone has bad birthdays (and Valentine's Days): Poor Cassandra. Juan Pablo eliminated her — on her 22nd birthday, no less. He didn't even wait for the rose ceremony to let her go. He wasn't feeling it, she's a single mom, and he had promised to send her back to her child the minute he knew she wasn't The One. (In his defense, he never knew it was her birthday, according to Chris Harrison's blog over on ew.com)

THE LESSON: Expect a bad holiday or two, and don't let that deter you from looking for love. Do we think young Cassandra will never find love? Of course not. She will. I guarantee you that love is in her future. Hopefully, she's bounced back by now. But remember that every crappy birthday or Valentine's Day you ever have will be all worth it when the right one comes along. I suspect Cassandra's horrible birthday will be something she laughs about with the husband she'll eventually find.

3. Love is not logical: Often what people say they want is inaccurate. When the season started, Juan Pablo stated several times that dancing well is a must for him. It was number one on his list! And yet last night, he eliminated both women who are the best dancers. Cassandra and Kat are the two professional dancers in the group.

THE LESSON: This just confirms that love is not logical, and to try and make it so is a disaster waiting to happen. You may have zero chemistry with someone who looks good on paper, and yet be wild about someone very different from what you thought you wanted. Don't try to make it logical by giving reasons why you're attracted or not — because there IS no reason.

What's your favorite part about watching The Bachelor? Who do you think will win Juan Pablo's heart? Leave a comment below!

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