How A Relationship Is Like Pregnancy

How A Relationship Is Like Pregnancy [EXPERT]
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Hint: It has nothing to do with morning sickness.

Everyone knows it takes three trimesters to hear the first cries of a newborn baby. But did you know it takes three trimesters to give birth to a real solid relationship? Unfortunately, the timeframe is different. Good relationships don't necessarily take nine months; they may take nine years for your delivery.

The first trimester. Like the feelings you have when you find out you're pregnant, the initial surge of excitement when you connect with someone new is intense and euphoric. The first few dates are heart-pounding and your hormone switch flips into high gear. You can't wait to kiss that person at the end of a date. Your days are consumed by thoughts of the new guy/girl.

You overlook annoying behaviors like his obnoxiously loud laugh, or the way she sends her food back every time you go out to dinner. The first trimester is a whirlwind of wild sex and passion that you can't imagine ever changing. Everything he/she does is so cute! You start to believe that this person could be the one.

The second trimester. The bun is cooking in the oven, and the reality of how life will change with your new baby is starting to hit home. You try not to think about it, but you notice some flaws that seem to seep through that impenetrably perfect person. For example, while his snoring didn't seem so loud at first, now you're wondering if you'll need to take Ambien every time you have a sleepover. You never realized that if she didn't make the plans for the evening, she would shut down all your ideas.

You start to notice that what you thought was an isolated incident of his losing his temper when a car cut him off was really a horrible problem with road rage. The little things that were no big deal in the first trimester have started to really bother you. This person has begun to lose some footing on the pedestal that was once a solid granite nonslip pillar. You mentally start weighing the pros and cons of seeing him/her in the future.

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