5 Signs You're Ready To Attract Your Ideal Man

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Want to know if you're ready to attract your Ideal man? Get the top 5 signs now!

If you're like me and my permanent weight loss coaching clients who are single-n-looking then you'd love to attract your ideal man. Not just some "OK kind of dude for now guy" but your yummy, ideal man. Heck yeah! How good would that feel?

Before we get into the 5 signs that you're ready to attract your ideal man I want you to assure you that this really is possible. You see, once you take conscious action with a proven, step-by-step system to get in alignment with YOU then you'll be ready to attract your ideal man. In fact, if attracting your Ideal Man is your true desire, then once you get in alignment with yourself, you won't be able to avoid meeting him! Why? Because it's Universal Law, and you cannot change Universal Laws. You can learn how to work with them, which all begins with getting in alignment with yourself.

5 Signs You're Ready To Attract Your Ideal Man

I'm about to share with you 5 signs you're ready to attract your ideal man, which might seem odd since I'm a permanent weight loss coach! After all, what does attracting your Ideal Man have to do with lasting success with your weight? Well, here's why it's not odd at all: When I'm mentoring my permanent weight loss coaching clients to struggle-free success with food and their weight, the topic of relationships ALWAYS comes up. Why? Because the reasons you're struggling with your weight are not about the food, nor are your struggles about the fat on your body. Your overeating and overweight are only symptoms of deeper life problems, and the root of those problems always impact every area of your life, including your relationships.

The Good News is that once the root of these problems is healed, then not only does it become super easy to release the fat, but also you'll be ready to attract your ideal man (yay!!). HINT: You've gotta be your ideal YOU before you can easily attract your ideal man, and your Ideal YOU lives in a body she loves! Become your Ideal YOU in body, mind, and spirit and you won't be able to avoid meeting your yummy, ideal man!

Let's go ahead and take a look at the 5 signs now! 

You're Ready to Attract Your Ideal Man When:

1. Feeling Great In Your Own Skin

You love your body. You are completely comfortable with yourself and you're completely comfortable getting naked! With the right man, of course. ;-) You love and accept your body just like you did when you were born as a little bitty babe. Loving your body is a sign of a healthy relationship with yourself and since your body goes with you everywhere, it's highly important that you're in the full vibe-o-love with your bod!

2. You Are Your Own Best Friend

If you ever criticize yourself you quickly notice and then get out your Inner Self Tools to get back in alignment with YOU and feel good now. You are you own best cheerleader, you believe in yourself. Your self-esteem is high and so is your self-confidence! You love being YOU, which is another sign that you've developed a healthy, supportive relationship with YOU. How can one expect to have their ideal relationship with a wonderful man if she doesn't first have it with herself? 

3. You Expect Your Ideal Man To Add To Your Life

In a healthy and positive way, just as you can see yourself adding to your ideal man's life in a healthy, positive way. Unfortunately, most people are seeking a mate to make them feel better, which only results in two people who are leaning on each other to try to fill them up inside. Instead, when you are already in control of your own mind and emotions (essential for permanent weight loss by the way) you already know how to feel good without a man. Then, once you meet your ideal man, your relationship with him will flourish without the pressure on him to make you feel good!

I've had numerous permanent weight loss coaching clients who were married when they enrolled in The Inner Self Diet and once they learned how to be happy with themselves, their relationship with their husband completely transformed. Men love it when the pressure is off of them to make you feel good! You'll experience a much healthier and fulfilling relationship when you're taking full responsibility for feeling good yourself.

4. Your Life Is Full Of Healthy Relationships Today.

You know and can see all of the healthy relationships you've already created in your life, which all stem from the most important relationship: the relationship between You and YOU. You've taken the time to create that healthy, loving relationship with yourself and therefore you have healthy relationships with your family, friends, clients, team members, as well as having healthy relationships with food, your environment, your town, and even your car! You are well aware that if an unhealthy relationship crops up that the place to heal that starts with you, and you take steps to get back in alignment when you're not. 

5. You would Marry Yourself. Today.

Ok, this is the biggest sign that you're ready to attract your ideal man. This sign encompasses all of the others! But what does it mean, that you'd marry yourself today? This means that you are so happy with yourself in body, mind, and spirit that you're just fine rockin' it alone while you go along your journey to meeting your yummy guy. 

Many assume that if they were to reach the place of feeling So Happy with themselves that they'd marry themselves, that this would mean you wouldn't want an ideal relationship. Not true! Being in the place of self-love, self-acceptance, and most importantly self-like, puts you in the space of self-empowerment that a healthy, vital, self-empowered man will find highly attractive. Marry yourself first, and you'll be ready to attract your yummy ideal man! 

Strive for living YOUR ideal life while IN your ideal body today, having fun and Feeling Good right now. Envision your ideal man as a welcome addition to your life, a mate to experience even more fun with, instead of being "the thing you gotta have in order to make my life complete". Ugh! Can you imagine the pressure a guy would feel if he were viewed as the fix for a woman who doesn't feel good in her body, or in her life?!

How Many Fit?

As you read through the list above, how many fit where you are now? If you can easily say "Hell yes, that's Me!" to all five signs listed then keep on having fun while knowing that your ideal man is on the way. 

But what if you don't recognize yourself in all 5 signs because you don't feel good in your own skin? If you're like my weight loss coaching clients you're super smart and you have achieved success in your business life, but you would not say that you're living your ideal life because you're not in your ideal body. You've never solved the food and weight challenge on your own and when you're honest with yourself, you really don't have any idea how to! You know that it's an inside job and this is why no food diet has ever solved the struggle. 

The emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, and self-sabotage continues to hang on, and you know that if you could achieve permanent weight loss success then not only would your life in general rock, but also you'd be in the right place to attract your ideal man. You know it's not going to work when you're not feeling GOOD about yourself and your body. On top of that, you want a man who is fit and healthy in body and mind, but how fair is that when you're not offering the same in return?

Remember, not only can your food and weight struggles be healed, but also you can get ready to attract your Ideal Man. The Good News is that in order to be ready to attract your Ideal Man and in order to achieve permanent weight loss, both results have the same cure! Get in full alignment with YOU and then not only will weight loss be easy, but also you'll be in alignment to attract your ideal man. What a win-win that is!

If you'd love to learn more about permanent weight loss then grab a free copy of my newest eBook here. In it you'll learn 3 tips to start making weight loss easy and fun from the inside out. Remember: once you get in alignment with YOU in body, mind, and spirit, then nothing can stop your ideal man from coming into your life, just like nothing will stop you from releasing the excess fat from your body! (Hey, it's Universal Law, which is bigger than all of us!)

JoLynn Braley is a weight loss mindset expert, permanent weight loss coach and founder of The Inner Self Diet™ the proven, step-by-step system to permanent weight loss from the inside out. Learn more by grabbing a free copy of JoLynn's eBook "Make Weight Loss Easy and Fun from The Inside Out" and you'll get 3 easy steps your momma didn't teach you about what it really takes to rock your inner game of easy weight loss!