6 Reasons To Savor Being Single

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In a society that makes marriage the Holy Grail, virtually every adult will be single at some point in their lives. Because of the intense focus on marriage, very few of these adults will be prepared to be a successful single. 10 tips on how to stay happy living the single life...

There are many benefits to being single, but if you spend all your time trying to be in a relationship again, you’ll miss all the fun. On the other hand, if you resign yourself to being single because you’re disillusioned with marriage, you’ll end up a bitter old person. There is a happy medium in which being single reunites you with your deepest self and prepares you for a successful romantic relationship when the time is right.

Here are my top six reasons to savor being single.

  • You get to leave the toilet seat up, or the toothpaste cap off, or whatever guilty pleasure you have about being messy around the house. Or you can keep the place as spotless as you like without cleaning up after someone else.
  • You don’t have to go anywhere—to the theater, a sporting event or the in-laws, if you don’t want to go.
  • You can flirt shamelessly with no intention of doing anything more than a one night stand… just be honest with the other person. What You Must Know About Flirting and Seduction
  • You can learn more about yourself. What do you like to do when there’s nobody around to influence you? Is there a class you’ve wanted to take, or a new hobby you want to learn?
  • You can take the time to decide what kind of partner you want when it’s time to be back in a relationship. Rather than desperately seeking the next warm body, take a time out and make a list of traits you want in your next partner.
  • You can take the time to decide what kind of person you want to be when it’s time to be in another relationship. What worked and what didn’t about your last relationship, and what was your part of that?

When you’re single you can focus on yourself. You can use the time to heal the wounded parts of yourself (because we all have them). This time used wisely will ensure that you end up in a healthy, happy relationship. And yes, I realize I’m saying the end result will land you back in a relationship. Humans are designed to be in relationships; very few are truly better off alone. When we make those relationships conscious by using single time wisely, everybody wins.

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