If Your Love Life Was a Movie, What Would It's Title Be?


If you could make your love life into a movie what would you want it to be titled?

The other day as I was driving I was thinking about all of the single women I get to work with (thank God I have such a loving and trusting wife!!!). As my mind began to drift I was silently wondering why some women seem to struggle with their dating and relationships yet have an optimistic and encouraging outlook and other women spew venom from their lips at the mere mention of men and dating.

Having been on both sides of the proverbial dating fence I can understand the mindset of both groups. On one side, there are the hopeless romantics endlessly searching (and praying) for that special someone to show up in their life so they can have a partner to share their life with. On the other hand are those who have the battle scars from participating in the dating game year after year.

As I began to reflect back to my single days and all of the frustration, drama and B.S. a single person must endure I began to think of different movie titles. If I could create a movie of my love life what would it’s title be? There was “Dazed & Confused”, which is what I was feeling after my wedding got called off just 30 days before I was supposed to walk down the aisle.

Then there was “Mission Impossible” which describes that period in my life where I was single for over a year and each date was worse than the one before. Don’t forget “Animal House” which described those wild and carefree days of going to the bars and clubs when I was in my early and mid-twenties.

But there was one title that just kept popping into my head…”The Right Stuff”. You see the biggest lesson I learned from a a failed engagement and years of dating and relationship mistakes is this: a great marriage and a great relationship doesn’t happen magically. It doesn’t happen just because two individuals love each other. No, if two individuals are to spend the rest of their lives together and live  happily ever  they must be “right” for each other and they must enter the relationship for the “right” reasons.

After my engagement got called off I promised myself that I would never ask another woman to marry me if I didn’t know in my heart that she was the “right” woman for me.

I knew Natalie was the “right” girl for me because almost instantly my life got better. Now don’t get me wrong. I had a good life, a very good life before she came along. I had my own practice, my own house, a great family, good friends & I was very active playing baseball & Ice Hockey. My life was full except for one thing. I didn't have someone special to share it with.

But from the moment I met Natalie, my life got easier. I had found that special. There were no games, no drama and none of the B.S. that I was used to in my previous dating and relationship history.

For the first time in my life I could be myself with someone who loved and appreciated me for who I was. Someone who didn't try to change me. WHo didn't get jealous and who trusted me 100%. And it felt good, it felt "Right". The more time I spent with Natalie the more clear it was that she was exactly the type of girl I wanted to share my life journey with.

So, as you look back on your dating and relationship history what would the title of your movie be…and why? Please share your response below.