13 Signs You Are Stuck In A Bad Romance

Relationship Expert: 13 Signs You Need To Leave

Is low self-esteem keeping you cycling through unhappy relationships?

1. Lacks a Conscience

He still has current pictures of his last girl and shows up to places she will be present, even though she started a campaign against him to warn any would-be lovers.

2. Does Not Make You A Priority

He prioritizes his ex-wife's needs over yours, but he tells you it's for the sake of the children. However, the baby is eighteen-years-old....hmm.

3. Manipulates

He doesn't call or contact you while he is traveling, but he does show up with a gift because he knows you are pissed.

4. Disrespects You

You request to be home by 11 pm and you need to remind him that it's 10:45 pm. He tells you he still needs more time before driving you home, when, as it is, your home is 35 minutes away. Your needs are ignored even when clearly spoken.

5. Lacks Thoughtfulness

You've been under chiropractic care. It doesn't come naturally to him to try to alleviate your pain. You are forced to ask and/or beg for a neck rub every time you are together.

6. Puts You Down

He calls you a princess for having expectations about being seen and heard in the relationship.

7. Undependable

He is all about having fun when you are together, but when you need his help with a school, work, or home project, he leaves you hanging.

8. Projects His Own Issues

He doesn't safeguard the relationship and is still communicating in social groups with other single ladies, yet accuses you of flirting with other men when you are out.

9. Lacks Integrity and Honesty

When you ask him a question, he gives you a quick answer. He appeases you in order to avoid a fight. Deep down inside, you know there is something wrong with what he said and what you have experienced. You feel emotionally unsafe and/or insecure.

10. Lacks Commitment

He doesn't neither introduces you to his family nor does he invite you to any of their weddings and gatherings. He also refuses to go to any of your family's events.

11. Self-centered

"Us" is not part of his vocabulary. He says your standards are too high and making you happy makes him feel pressure. The truth is, love moves us to give selflessly.

12. Lacks Self-control

You ask him to respect certain sexual boundaries. He tells you he hears you and the next minute he moves through those boundaries.

13. Plays With Your Emotions

Instead of asking you out on a proper date, he calls you at the last minute or shows up where he knows you will be, just to hook up. He calls it being spontaneous. I call it playing with your emotions and having nothing to offer you.

Finding a man who will respect and care for you can be tough but not impossible. The power is within you; you deserve better. For many, our experiences have created confusion about our worthiness. Get in touch with your true values and who you really are. Being authentic invites others to be authentic. Soon you will make a true connection of love that is based on reality rather than fantasy. The perfect man does not exist. There will be no white knight to rescue you. 

Do not settle until you have the right balance of heart-skipping love, passion, and peace with a person who will respond to your needs, support you, and challenge you. 

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