3 Things He Desperately Needs To Be Your MAN (Not Just Some Boy)

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Your Feminine Energy Is What He Needs To Be A Man, Not A Boy

You have the power to bring back the man you remember.

All men struggle in their life from time to time. I certainly have.

In those moments, it’s easy for a man to lose sight of who he is and to what his place is in the grand scheme of things. A man can lose perspective.

However, the last thing a man wants is to be told what to do by his woman — his significant other. That only brings out his defenses, just as it would for you.

As you probably know, men are taught to suppress their feelings and emotions.

While you might not think there is much going on inside of your man because of his stoic expression, there’s plenty of internal emotional and thought churning happening there.  

If you want to contribute in a negative way; all you have to do is criticize him. Tell him what he's doing wrong, argue, and try to control him. If you look honestly at the past, you’ve probably already tried at some point in time. Doing this contributes to the problem — by making  your man feel like a boy.

It's easy to forget that men want to feel to feel a sense of freedom more than anything else.


Three of the aspects of freedom a man most desires include:

1. Freedom to make his own decisions.

2. Freedom to make his own mistakes.

3. Freedom to struggle and figure things out on his own.

When you insert yourself in the middle of any of those things, the boy inside of him rises up in rebellion.

You can be most effective communicating with your man when you come from the place of your feminine power — those parts of you that are soft, playful, light-hearted, fun, inviting, open, heartfelt, happy, enticing, and seductive.

You may dislike hearing this, but I say it for one simple reason: because that’s what works, and that’s what has always worked. Any of those things will cause a man to step more into our masculine, and that’s what you want, isn’t it?

The feminine aspects of you are what attracted your man to you in the first place. Anytime you are outside of that, he is likely to feel disconnected from you. The conflicts increase, communication suffers, and intimacy fades in the relationship.

Those are the moments when both you and your partner have forgotten who you both are.

You can help him remember.


Will you? Or will you greet him with something argumentative, combative, closed, accusatory, blaming, questioning, head-strong, defensive, and unyielding? That is, of course, who your man becomes inside when he becomes a boy. And he hopes to never see that in you. He doesn’t even like it in himself.

This is not about who is more right, or who is more important. It’s about doing the things that keep relationships feeling connected.

And YOUR feminine CAN do that.

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