Neqtr: the socially conscious relationship app


Neqtr allows users to "Connect Over Passions, Not Pickup Lines"

Sonya Davis is the founder of Neqtr, the socially conscious relationship app. Davis, who considers herself both a feminist and activist, previously struggled with finding the right partner and went on countless bad dates. After a few, she began to blog about them because she thought that "they should at least bring humors to others."

Her outlook on dating and how to find a guy changed after going to a volunteer event, and "realizing that one of the guys there was incredibly sexy because he was volunteering his time on a Saturday to help impoverished children." So it just clicked for her. There are all types of apps, hundreds of dating apps, so there should be an app for helping people connect with quality/conscious people who share passions/lifestyles and can do good together.

After seeing that no one else was building a socially conscious relationship app, she built a team and immediately went to work. Davis' team is based of primarily millennial women who believe in women’s rights and creating a safe place for women to date — away from harassment, unwelcome sexting, threats, and dick pics!

How did your background lead you to starting Neqtr?

I was raised with unconventional ex-hippie parents who encouraged giving back to the world at an early age and taught me to think for myself and do what makes me “happy”. I started throwing benefit shows for rescue animals, women’s rights causes, etc. and then went to live in Nepal. There I felt compelled to film a documentary about child slave labor and family planning in the Brick Kilns, and ended up throwing a punk rock benefit event to rebuild the nunnery in the Himalayas. This started a women’s movement in the Himalayas and impacted the women that lived there. I’ve always been a feminist, but this one act made me realize that one person can make a difference and change the lives of others. I’ve tried my hand a day jobs, but my passion has always stayed with giving back. 

What is Neqtr?

A conscious relationship app that helps people connect to new friends or loves via causes and lifestyles. The app also offer planned dates in select cities that include volunteering, yoga, meditation, and other healthy activities.  Neqtr allows users to connect and find love or friendship by doing what they love and form deeper connections. We’ve also recently launched sexy points in our mission to redefine sexy for good. The more good you do in the app, the sexier you will become. #GivingBackIsSexy

What separates Neqtr from other dating apps?

Neqtr seperates itself from other dating apps as the app helps users find true conscious relationships, whether it be through friends or love. Furthermore, the profile questions are conscious and intentional based, not just the standard dating questions; users are also able to select the causes they are passionate about and the lifestyles that define them. Their reach goes beyond the app as they have has partnered with 40+ nonprofits to help aid in planned dates and spread their missions. According to Davis, "ultimately Neqtr helps people find someone to save the world with, and brings meaning back to love."

How many users on the app currently?

A few thousand mainly in SF, SD, NY and we just launched in London at London Fashion Week. 

Expansion to date?

We started in SD, where we are based, with the goal of covering CA in year 1, and rest of US in year 2, global year 3. However, after the PR we’ve been getting we’ve been attracting users all over the country specifically in the locations noted above and requests from other countries to open it up further. Neqtr is more of a globally minded app, and users worldwide are picking up on that concept of dating for good.

What's next/long term goals?

After listening to users, we’ve decided to revamp the app and add some new features, make it more social, as well as do away with the swipe. The goal is to continue to spread the love and awareness of the app.

Advice for those seeking something different than a 'tinder' meet up?

A tinder hookup/meetup only goes so far or lasts so long. Some people do luck out if they’re looking for more, but most struggle with the experience as human nature is to search for our partners in crime. Luckily there are other options.

I strongly believe that actions speak louder than words, so find people that exude passions and care about more than just themselves. As our app offers, you can find unique people and/or unique experiences through action-based activities that better yourself and better the world. Also, choosing to always meet at bars will set the tone for the date. If you drink too much, seeing the real person on the other end of the conversation will be blurred and doesn’t make a great impression to build a deeper connection.

It’s good to think about what it is that you want at this point in your life, and what type of qualities that you’re looking for in a partner. What are you passionate about? What do you like to do with your time? What do you wish you were doing more of? What would help you feel more connected? Those are the things/activities you need to be doing, and if you can find someone to do them with life will feel a lot more fulfilling. Of course first find ways to love yourself, and then finding the right partner will come naturally.

By: Jarone Ashkenazi