Ladies, Your Career Is Ruining Your Love Life

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Are you a smart, attractive and successful career woman, but find yourself frustrated that you can't get many dates? And those that you do get don't seem to turn into second or third dates, much less a ring on your finger?

Well, you're not alone and new research suggests that it's not your fault you're eating your meals alone in front of your laptop much more often than with a romantic partner. A recent study has found that when a woman's income exceeds her partner's (which it now does in record numbers), they are less likely to get married and if they are already married, they're more likely to be unhappy and are more likely to get divorced.

So why does your high salary send him scurrying right back to his own laptop to view other profiles? There are several possible reasons: 

1. He's wired to be the provider and you're taking that away from him. Ever since the dawn of humanity, men have been the providers for their family, whether he was clubbing a saber-tooth tiger or working the back fields on the family homestead. But suddenly, in the last 50 years or so — a flash of an instant in the timeline of humanity — life has dramatically changed with many women now doing the man's share of the providing, but our evolutionary wiring cannot adapt that quickly. While modern men can consciously appreciate a strong, savvy career woman and all of the benefits that she brings to a relationship, that underlying wiring is ultimately going to win out. This results in men subconsciously being turned off by her without necessarily understanding why.

2. You're more stressed and it's just not attractive. Another recent study — this one conducted by the University of Torku in Finland — found that women who have a higher level of the stress hormone cortisol in their system were rated lower on the attractiveness scale by the male participants. So in addition to draining the amount of time and energy that you're able to spend focusing on your love life, those long, hard hours that you're logging in at the office are also making you physically less attractive to the opposite sex. (Talk about a double whammy.) Keep reading...

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