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Learn how going green can improve your relationship!

My husband Mike and I are on the same page when it comes to the green, natural, organic, sustainable movement — whatever you want to call it. Going green together can be a really fun project that strengthens your relationship, a lot like any other project you take on with a partner.

The two of us have approached the situation from different directions, and we've discovered together that one natural or green find leads to another. We delight in what each other contributes to the process. We make joint decisions on the big items and feel a real sense of accomplishment when we look back and see how much our lives have evolved as our home and life have become steadily more and more natural.

There is a real bond between two people who enjoy seeking out and doing what's healthy. We feel like-minded, health conscious, committed to the environment and to making a better future for generations to come. It saddens us to see how careless individuals and corporations can be in doing things that are harmful to the planet, to our wildlife and to each other. We see examples everywhere we look.

I thought I would impart some of the green things we've done to inspire you to think about greening your life with your significant other. It can be a totally shared experience.

Mike has always been food conscious. It comes naturally to him, but his family has some health issues in its past which spurred him on to be careful of his diet. He hasn't eaten red meat in more than 20 years. It started because he doesn't like the taste, but we both also know that the way red meat is raised, prepared, stored and transported is not healthy in most cases in our country. Eating unhealthy meat (meat that is not organically-raised and grass-fed) is known to increase your risk for cancer and heart disease.

I came to our relationship with a history of bronchitis and allergies, so I brought an air purifier with me when we moved in together. I wasn't as food conscious as Mike when we first met, but I follow his example now. Soon after we decided to live together, I was writing for a health magazine when I was assigned a series of articles that made me aware of just how harmful the chemicals in our products are to our health.

I'm not talking about only cleaning products which most people think of right away, but almost every product we use including: plastics, aluminum and aluminum foil, cosmetics, PVC vinyl in the shower curtain and other places, Teflon and other nonstick cookware, all of our personal care products, laundry and dish detergents, kids toys, aluminum cans, and even our furniture and rugs — and yes, literally all of our cleaning products, too. To do it right, you can gradually find natural replacements for all of them. Keep reading ...

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