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Learn how going green can improve your relationship!

Once we decided to rid our home of chemicals, nothing has ever been the same, and Mike has been right with me the whole time supporting my decision to start a green store on the Internet, cheering me on and letting everyone else know what they can do to change to natural living for themselves.

The first items we replaced in our home were the cleaning solutions and personal care items. The first because they were so caustic. The latter because they were so close to our skin. We noticed two things right off the bat that encouraged us to do even more. First, I no longer had the wheezing problems any more after I cleaned the bathroom or kitchen with products from nature. And second, we became readily attached to using botanical products — direct from Mother Nature — for cosmetics and personal care items.

We realized almost immediately we would never mistake another chemical fragrance for a real one. How could we ever have thought our chemical shampoo smelled like lemon or lavender or apples? When you put the real thing next to the synthetic, there is no resemblance at all. There's just nothing like using real fragrances from nature in a moisturizer, perfume or shampoo in the world. It makes you feel so healthy. It makes you realize you're doing the right thing for you and your partner.

Mike was thrilled with the smells, too. But one of his favorite products is the liquid soap nuts laundry detergent that took me forever to find. It is a completely natural product — it is the shell of a berry that comes from a Himalayan tree that now comes in a concentrated liquid form. Not only does only a quarter teaspoon of this detergent clean our laundry but it softens it at the same time. And it's half the cost of regular detergent plus fabric softener or dryer sheets. You can't ask for more.

Next, out went our plastic storage containers and in came the glass ones. Soon after, I discovered a stainless steel pressure cooker Mike's kitchen cabinet had harbored for years. It had never been used, and it just so happened that I wanted to try one. I had remembered a friend from years ago preparing some great meals using that method.

From the very first delicious gourmet soup I made in 30 minutes, mealtimes haven't been the same at our house. The spices and flavors blend immediately in a pressure cooker and chicken comes out as tender as if it were cooked in a Tandoori oven. It's so fast, too, that even with crowded schedules you can both eat better than ever.

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It may sound odd, but all these little things we discovered and experienced together made us both feel so happy — so right with the way we are living our lives. It's a lot of fun, and it's rewarding to progress on the path together and have so much in common regarding the way we want to live our lives. Keep reading ...