How To Finally End Your Bad-Boy Phase (And Attract A QUALITY Man)

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attract a good guy

Love is within your reach, girl.

If you're tired of attracting bad guys, you may notice that they come in bunches.

The important thing to remember here is this: it's not who you attract, it's who you keep.

With this in mind, here are three ways to stop attracting bad guys:

1. Don't give in to his short attention span.


Bad guys have a short attention span. If they can't have sex with you right away they will disappear.

All men want to have sex with you, the difference is a good man is willing to work (and wait) for it.

The easiest way to stop a bad guy in his tracks is to require him to get to know you before you have sex with him.

2. Care about his feelings —  just not too much.


Bad guys only care about how they feel. If they can convince you to start caring too much about how they feel, you're in for a bad ride.

Men do best when they think and do. Caring too much about how he feels puts you in the position of mothering him.

To keep a man from going bad on you, ask him what he thinks and how you and he can do better. Just don't ask him how he feels — and whatever you do, don't mother him.

3. Know your requirements and make them crystal clear. 


If you go shopping without knowing what you're looking for, you'll buy the first shiny thing you see.

Your requirements for a guy set the bar on who you will attract.

Bad guys have a habit of not talking about the future.

The key to keeping bad guys out of your life is to require a plan for the future before you sleep with him.

The good news is the very things that help you stop attracting bad guys are the blueprint for what attracts good guys.

A good man has a long attention span, cares about how you feel, and rises to the challenge of meeting your requirements.

Let your last bad guy be a stepping stone to getting a guy you really want.

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