3 Ways To Know How Much A Guy Likes You

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3 Ways To Tell How MUCH A Guy Likes You

How much he likes you makes all the difference.

When you meet a guy, it's hard to tell how interested he is in you. Is he thinking of a hookup or a relationship? Does he even like you?

A guy's level of interest basically breaks down into 3 categories: lust, like, and love.

A relationship has elements of all 3. With that in mind, here's how to tell if a guy likes you and exactly how much:

1. Lust

At this level, you can tell he's definitely attracted to you and wants to hook up. This is a good start. But, the problem arises when it's also the finish line.

This means that when he's stuck at this level, he isn't interested in taking the time to get to know you.

For example, he tries to make out with you and if you don't immediately return the favor, he loses interest. This is because he's not at the second level.

2. Like

The difference between a man who can have a relationship and a guy who can only hook up with you is found at this level.

As crazy as it sounds, a man who can have a relationship with you, likes you. The way you can tell if he likes you is when he enjoys spending time with you and doesn't care what it is or how you do it. 

A guy stuck at the lust level is only concerned with having sex. But a guy at the like level enjoys getting to know you because he genuinely likes you.

3. Love

When you put things together, the chemistry of lust gets you in the game.

The friendship of like shows a man has an interest in your humanity. Knowing if a man is at the level of love with you plays out over time. It will show in his ability to consistently make and keep agreements with you.

It shows in his desire to build with you. A man at the level of love sees you in his future and creates a roadmap to get there. He knows how to blend his lust and like for you into a love that lasts.

You can measure a man's ability to love you by how much he likes you.

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