How To Become A Date Whisperer

date whisperer

How to create an intimate connection by better understanding and interpreting your date's needs.

Being a "whisperer" is a booming new business. Whisperers can motivate the best behavior in wild, untamed horses, dogs, snakes, rats, and even ghosts. Would you like to apply the same motivational techniques in your social life to become a date whisperer? 3 Dating Mistakes You Probably Make

A "date whisperer" 

is my term for a man or woman who has a natural ability to relate or connect with their dates. This is achieved by observing and learning to read the meaning of your date's natural body language and the layers of meaning (subtext) in their spoken words. Then you use these observations to best relate to your date. If these "datemanship" techniques don't come naturally, they can be learned and mastered.  

What are some "datemanship" techniques to master?

You use persuasion with a light touch and subtle signals to communicate with your date. You develop incredibly perceptive understanding of body language and quickly discover what love language activates feelings of love in your date.

 Date whisperers have a big advantage over animal whisperers since they don't have to be mind readers. How To Stop Being The Type Of Girl That Guys NEVER Call Back

You can ask your date direct questions, like:

  • What made you fall in love with your ex? 

  • What issues make you run from a relationship? 

  • How do you see your ideal relationship? 

  • How can you tell if someone is in love with you?

A date whisperer pays close attention to each response and learns to use the love language that your date speaks. 

Do they experience love through verbal expression, physical touch, quality time, or gift tokens of affection? 

If your date needs to hear the words, "I love you" to feel loved, then a date whisperer wouldn't send cards with that message. You'd start saying those three big words if the relationship progresses to that point. 

A date whisperer never forces progress, but learns and uses the techniques and tools to inspire it.

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What other tools would a date whisperer use?

  • Give as good or better than you get in a dating relationship
  • Maintain calm, assertive energy

  • Help your date let go of past bad habits/issues

  • Be patient, firm but gentle, without tolerating misbehavior

  • Be forgiving of your date and yourself

  • Become your date in your mind so that you understand them fully

  • Imagine positive outcomes and gently guide them into your reality

As a date whisperer expresses passionate curiosity and uses gentle guidance toward positive growth, you earn the respect and attention of your date. Ideally, your date will want to please you in mutually satisfying ways. This is a win-win way for a date whisperer and a date to develop a mutually fulfilling relationship.

Whether you care for the term date whisperer or not, the concept here is to learn how to best connect with your date by better understanding and interpreting their needs. This tool is useful not only in winning over your dates, but also in becoming an understanding partner in a relationship. You'll get dating advice like this as I guide your love quest and help you choose your perfect match on dating site, where great singles find great love.

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