Why "Ready for Love" is a Flop

By Arnie Singer for GalTime.com

The newest reality dating show Ready for Love was supposed to be an instant hit. The premise is pretty simple: three super successful and handsome bachelors try to find love among a group of strikingly beautiful women handpicked by three highly popular celebrity matchmakers. Sound familiar? Sure there are differences in the rules, but the basic idea is the same as hugely popular The Bachelor and its offshoots. Just to guarantee the new show’s success, the NBC execs placed it right after the highly rated show The Voice.


So what happened? The show managed to retain only 28% of viewers that watched The Voice resulting in an embarrassingly dismal ratings performance. While the mavens at NBC are no doubt dumbfounded at the failure of what they believed to be a sure thing, I’m not. It’s totally clear to me why America decided to pass on Ready for Love: people are ready for REAL love. Not the totally unrealistic fake fantasy farce, orchestrated by TV execs hoping to cash in on single America’s quest for romantic love.

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Think about it. If you are single and in the dating scene, are you seriously going to waste your time with a program that is portraying the search for love in such an unbelievable way?

Here are some examples:


1. Guys, when was the last time you had a group of single women who look like models and playmates competing for your affection?

2. Girls, when was the last time you had the opportunity to date three handsome and successful hunks, under any conditions? You’re lucky if your date has hair and a job.


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3. How are you supposed to find real love in the context of a reality TV show? I can’t even get my head around this. You want me to believe that I can choose a life partner as a result of a competition in front of cameras on live TV? Really?


4. I’m not even sure what the purpose of the “matchmakers” is other than creating more interesting reality TV. How many of you are going to write a big check to a celebrity matchmaker to help you find someone?

Ready for Love flopped because Americans really are ready for love; the real kind that happens between real people under real life situations. Watching the dating process turned into a game isn’t fun anymore. It’s frustrating and frankly demeaning. Dating isn’t a game. It’s a serious process that every single must go through in order to find the right partner and relationship. Dont trivialize it.


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