Why Sex Won't Pull Your Ex back

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using the power of sex will only damage the process of getting your EX Lover Back

You miss your ex-lover. Things happened and the relationship ended, and now you are ready to move on, find someone new to start a happy love relationship with.

That didn't seem to work out as quick as you hoped, though. It's like every guy that approaches you is simply not a possible lover, or doesn't meet your standers like your ex did.

The more time passes and the weeks go by and you're still coming home every night to an empty house without anyone to vent to about the stressful day at work or anyone to watch a movie with and cuddle up to on the couch.

You've caught yourself texting your ex wanting to meet up and see if the old spark may still be there. Both of you are in the same boat: haven't moved on yet and are curious if there is a spark.

Look Inside This Getting Ex Back Secret Before He Comes Over

You both decide to set a time to meet after work one Friday night. You're ex swings by your place, and the old routine feels somewhat normal minus the fact you're broken up. Now you're inside eating, talking, feeling the awkward moment between the two of you, and then suddenly something happens.

Next thing you know you are tossing off clothes, jumping in to bed and kissing one another. Then the sex starts. It feels just as good as it did when you were a couple, but now there is commitment tied in to this sexual action.

Once it's over your ex realizes that there is no reason to stay. He things maybe the sex was a mistake, and runs out the door.

This will leave you powerless if you ever want to pull your ex back in to your life again. Sex is not the answer when it comes to reconnecting with an old flame.

Do you want to get your ex back?

Do you want to have that cuddle time back?

Do you miss spending every night with that special someone?

Tired of being alone and only being hit on by losers?

There is one way to pull your ex back and keep them this time. It's a simple recipe that has been perfected for broken relationships like yours.

This recipe has been named the Love Recipe.

The love recipe can and will bring two broken apart people back together for long term happiness. This little love recipe has helped over 77,000 couples worldwide reconnect and find happiness again.

Inside this Love recipe there not one mention of how sex is a healthy way to attract an ex back, matter fact sex can put such confusion on one another that a huge wall goes up and there may never be a chance at reconnecting.

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