Making Love On Snow Days

Bad Weather Might Be Just What You Need

Why a snow day is a great time for online dating!

I usually put my articles with the themes of "winter" or "snow" on hold after about February 15th, but considering when I look outside, all I see is white (well, and yellow where my dog decided to go...), I figured it couldn't hurt to write one (hopefully) last article having to do with dating and the snow. (If you're on the East Coast, you know what I mean!)

What are some things you like to do in the snow? I'm guessing a few might be sledding, making snow angels, building snowmen, fashioning your cutest earmuffs, or surprising a friend with a secret snowball to his or her back.  None of these things sounds exactly productive, though. Well, I can think of one thing that a lot of people also do when the weather outside is a bit too frightful for their taste: Log into an online dating site.

As you may know, the busiest time of year for online dating is the holiday season. Why? It's partially because a new year is seen as a new beginning for many people, and it's partially because when the temperature drops outside, people want to have someone to keep them warm inside.  And, of course, when it's cold out, and even cleaning your closet sounds like more fun than doing work, online dating is a great alternative to pass the time.

When it's raining in a certain city, OkCupid actually sends an email to its users saying, "We noticed it's raining tonight in [insert your city here].  Our statistics show that more people sign in when there is bad weather.  It's the perfect time to message that special someone!"

One has to assume that snow counts as "bad weather." And considering OkCupid is solely based on statistics, and its founders were four mathematicians from Harvard, one of whom is now the CEO of Match.com, I'm inclined to believe what they have to say. 

When you do log on to do your snow day browsing on the online dating sites, please keep a few tips in mind:

  1. Don't be too picky in your search. Maybe Mr. or Ms. Right lives just a few miles outside of your search radius.  Maybe he's a bit shorter than you thought you wanted, and maybe she has red hair instead of brown.  You may just be pleasantly surprised.  (We all know I pull for the short men since my dad is only 5"6, and he's wonderful.)
  2. Write to people who interest you. Don't make someone else do all the work! This is 2014—we go for the things (and people) we want.  So start emailing.
  3. Meet sooner rather than later. I don't need to tell you to watch out for "Catfish," but it's also important to see if there's in-person chemistry, and the only way to know that is, well, in person. Avoid the e-lationship.
  4. Have fun! Remember that it's just a date. See if you like chatting with each other. See if you have common interests. No need to decide on Date #1 whether this person is the Prince or Princess Charming you've been looking for all your life.  Keep it light on the first date, and go from there.

Now, who's ready for a snow day? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?