You have more than one Soul Mate! 5 Keys to Soul Mate Connections


Good news: Soulmates abound and you have more than one! How to attract them? Here are 5 key tips.

In a sense, soulmates are as common and ever-present as the air we breathe. If we regard the whole of humankind as a collective — and a spiritual one at that — then we’re all part of the same team; we’re all soul mates.

When we look at individual people and personal experience, however, the presence of soulmates feels very special indeed. They can be parents, siblings, friends, teachers, colleagues, lovers, life-partners — even random people who come into our lives in unexpected ways and sometimes only for a short time.

What these connections have in common is that they affect us in crucial ways.

They are our ‘mates’, helping us to recognise and achieve our highest potential.

Want to a attract more soulmates into your life?

1. Have belief
Even if you’re not too sure about the whole idea of the soul and soul mates or somehow don’t believe you’re capable, deserving, cut-out for such connections, start by entertaining the possibility that there could be more for you to discover in relationships – maybe, even, a soul mate or two. If you allow the possibility, it’s possible.

2. Cultivate self-esteem and self-love
Relationships mirror our inner state; soulmate relationships will do so even more emphatically, in order to fast-forward our growth. The higher your self-esteem, the better your relationships. Affirm your self-worth, observe your self-talk, be mindful of your inner critic and speak kindly to yourself. In any situation and faced with any choice, ask yourself: ‘If I loved myself, what would I do?’

3. Follow your passion
Your soul’s purpose expresses through your gifts, talents and heartfelt desires. Let yourself dream; what are you passionate about? As you follow the passion in your heart, you’ll notice more and more soul mates turning up to assist you at every turn.

4. Stay open, curious and receptive
Drop assumptions, judgements and expectations and stay true to your heart. See with fresh eyes and expect the unexpected; soul mates may surprise you! Discover the hidden lessons by asking: ‘what does my partner/this situation reflect about me?’ Follow your heart in your choices and actions.

5. Relax, trust and be grateful
Trust that everything is happening perfectly and in the right order. Relax, notice all the blessings in your life and feel grateful; feelings of gratitude will attract even more reasons to feel grateful for – including great soulmate connections.

This article was originally published at Soul and Spirit Magazine. Reprinted with permission from the author.