How A Change Of Mind Will Transform You And Your Relationship

Love, Heartbreak

I made this easy switch and never judged my partner again.

I’ve experienced an incredible transformation in how I see myself in relationship to others. This required that I step out of the illusion of duality. It use to be common for me to use other people as a sort of benchmark against my own self-image in order to determine how well I was doing in any given respect. However, as I began to operate more in the higher realms of consciousness, where duality and separation do not exist, I no longer perceived other people, or aspects of other people, as outside of me.

This shift in perspective allows me to experience aspects of myself in everyone I meet. We are all, in fact, mirrors for each other. Instead of perceiving other people, or aspects of other people, that I may be inclined to assign judgment to as separate from me, I now choose to see those aspects as a reflection of some part of me. The other person serves as a mirror, revealing to me my own nature as a way to help me learn, grow, love and evolve for myself and my relationship.

The Universal Law of “like attracts like” demonstrates that I always attract people, situations, and circumstances into my life, which are vibrating at my own frequency. So I am, in essence, always attracting that which is similar to me.

Intimate relationships are the perfect example of this phenomenon. So much energy is expended and angst is created when I exercise judgment in my personal relationships. For example, I may begin to see some characteristic in a partner at some point, which I dislike. At that point, I have two options.

Option one is fairly common in the old consciousness. I can swiftly perceive my partner as “wrong”, which inevitably keeps us stuck in a cycle of disharmony and friction.

The second option is more common in the higher levels of consciousness where I do not experience myself as separate from my partner or anyone else. I may then observe the same behavior and instead of judging my partner, I immediately recognize the situation as a reflection of how I actually perceive myself. In other words, I see in my partner that which is inside of me. I understand that my partner is in service to me, revealing those parts of me that I need to become aware of and heal. In this case, I would immediately start to look at myself. I was searching for where and how I might perceive that I am demonstrating the very thing I dislike in my partner.

Once I accepted this level of consciousness into my awareness, I gained back incredible amounts of energy that have been expended in judging both others and myself. I dropped judgment altogether in favor of self-reflection, growth, and healing.

Since I am also a mirror for other people as well, I can assume that if someone is judging me, I am serving to reflect back to them something about themselves that needs to be revealed for their own healing and growth. Then, I can choose to recognize such judgment for what it is and not take it personally. 

Ultimately, I learn, heal, and grow exponentially when I choose to experience life as a reflection of my own nature. The more I do this, the faster I heal and evolve. As I do so, I begin to see that growth, and that which is healed within me, reflected back to me in love, peace, and joy. As I heal and grow, so does everyone and everything around me.

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