3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Love Connection Alive


If you're not checking in on your relationship, it's only a matter of time before they check out!

Relationships are funny, you search high and low to finally find someone special and once you’re together often times you get thrown a curveball. Some issue. Some challenge. Maybe it was something personal, couple related, health related, financial, career or family related.

Something happens that takes you away from each other either physically or emotionally. For whatever reason, now there's distance in your relationship. When that happens you both have to redouble your efforts to make sure you reconnect and stay connected!

How do you do that? That's why I'm here, to reaffirm the love in your relationship. I'll tell you exactly how in 3 simple steps! The secret is in the 3 "P's". And I promise you one of those "P's" is NOT what you're thinking...hmm, on second thought, maybe it is!

  1. You have to Plan.
  2. You have to Prepare.
  3. You have to stay Present.

You can't take for granted that they'll always be available when you are. Plan that interaction. Set a time to call. Set a time to Skype. Respect their time enough to be put back on their schedule.

Prepare for that call. If you're Skyping this may be the only time you're really seeing them that day so make it count! Care enough to make an effort to look your best!

Stay Present in the moment! Clear the distractions away for the next hour or so and stay present in that call. This may be the only time you actually have together that day so don't cheat yourself out of that moment.

Stay locked in! Be curious about their day and make sure you share what's going on in your day as well. Bring them along for the ride!

To see exactly what I'm talking about click through to my first web episode of my new show 'Sex Drive' on CFFNation.com where I talk the details and the strategy behind the power of the 3 "P's"! 

Join the conversation and let me know what you think and give me some things that you’ve tried or have seen work as well! This is a two-way information highway!

Until next time, love strong!

Dr. Ish