Did Your Selfie Reel Him In? Well, Spice It Up With 9 Dating Tips

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Just because it's online doesn't mean dating can't be fun!

She's hot. She's not. There are literally thousands of women to choose from on online dating sites. So how can you make your profile attract the kind of man you want to meet? There are a few tried and true, and even scientific, smoking hot tips for women that really work.

  1. Have a great picture: A great online dating pic is the numero uno most important thing in your profile. Profiles with pictures get 10 times the amount of action than those with a generic grey box. You are beautiful and if you don't have any pictures that you like, get some new ones. Selfies work. Make sure you have at least one headshot (use this one as your main photo) and one body shot. Men are very visual and want to see you. So let them see the best of you. Please smile and flirt with the camera.
  2. Be authentic: Be yourself and let your light shine though your words. Talk about the things that make your life feel fulfilled. You can mention your job, but your job is not who you are. Keep things spunky, sweet and real.
  3. Live in the present: When you are writing about yourself, don't give too much attention to what things used to be like in your life. (Like your ex boyfriend who wanted you to sleep with someone other than him). Don't bring up junk from your past relationships.
  4. Be positive: Do not write—no liars, cheaters or cheapskates! Do not talk about what you do not want. That will do nothing to build attraction in a man. Talk about what you DO want. Write about experiences that make you feel happy and your dreams about the future. Be excited about the things that are up ahead. If you are not in a good space, don't write your profile then. Do something fun, then write it.
  5. Have fun with every man you meet: Look at online dating as a safari adventure. You can imagine what kind of animal he would be like in the sack. Pretend he's wearing a pair of ballet tights if you are nervous. When you get out of your comfort zone, your brain begins to create new neural pathways and makes room for change, and change can be a blast! If a man takes you on a date to a wild game dinner, accept and check it out; you might just meet the hunter of your dreams. Appreciate the unexpected expperience from dating online. Who will message you tomorrow and what kind of adventure lies ahead? Even the not so good dates will still be a great learning experience.
  6. Experiment: If your profile isn't attracting the kind of men you want to meet, then don't be afraid to change it. Try some different words that are fun and flirty. Change the words "I like riding my bike" to: "I love to feel the wind in my hair with I'm cruising on the bike trail. It makes me feel like a kid again."
  7. Don't exaggerate too much: If you don't work out, but pretend you are a gym rat, it's just not honest. If you were going to the gym, but are taking a break, either get back to it, or take it out of your profile. Keep your age and body type within 5 pounds as well, because if you are 20 pounds heavier and 10 years older than your pictures, the man sitting across from you will know it unless he dropped his specs in the potty. If you aren't honest from the beginning, that's where the potential for a relationship will be with him, in the toilet. That is one of the things my male clients have complained about, women not being honest about what they look like. So if you don't like the way you look, do something about it and start taking care of yourself ASAP!
  8. Paint a Van Gough: Get out your imaginary brushes and create a picture in the man's mind of what it will be like when he does meet you. What kind of experience will he have if he asks you for your number. Are you going to bring ease and a gorgeous smile to dinner? Use paint by numbers if you have to. You can poll a few friends on what they think are your best qualities and put that in your profile. My friends say I always smell like coconuts and it reminds everyone of sitting with their toes in the sand on the beach. Use some good descriptive words.
  9. Let him know what you will bring to the relationship: Will you bring sensuality, a sense of calmness, vulnerability and compassion? What qualities can you describe about yourself that will be attractive to him?

I know you want what you want. And men want what they want. Men want to meet a women who is free spirited, accepts him for who he is and is comfortable in her own skin. Show him what you've got in your online dating profile.

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