4 Simple Ways Chakra Alignment Can Help You Feel Your Sexiest

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4 Ways Chakra Alignment Can Help You Bring Your Sexy Back
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Have you lost that loving feeling?

Hum drum! Is life feeling less than adventurous lately? Are the days, months and maybe even years starting to blend together? You have so much to grateful for — so then why does life feel like a constant struggle?

Oh yeah, and sex. ... Seriously, who has the time or energy for that! Right?


Life and love can and should feel more inspiring. You are a divinely created, loving, creative, sexy being that deserves to feel all the pleasures life has to offer.

I can already hear you saying, "Yeah, yeah that sounds great but I just can’t get out of this funk! I've already spent a lot of time thinking this through but things haven’t changed."

Exactly! You have thought it through. But the change needed to transform you into the vibrant, creative, inspired and sexual being you are is not going to happen in the mind. Love is a unique and beautiful experience that is designed to help us grow and evolve as more conscious beings. Our experience extends beyond our bodies and minds to include our hearts and souls.

It is here in the elevated realm of heart and soul where the shift you are looking for needs to occur.

We are energetic beings. From the very first religious writings — the Vedic religion — comes the belief that human beings have seven energy centers, the chakras that are vertically aligned starting at the base of the spine and extending to the top of the head.

If you prefer to look at this from a scientific perspective, quantum physics has taught us that we are all made up of energy, and we are all connected through this energy. 

Often, experiences in life cause us to shut down to protect ourselves. When we do this, locks are created in our energy centers or chakra’s. These locks are what prevent us from attracting and keeping the love we desire.

When life feels boring, lacking inspiration or we have lost our sexual desire it indicates a lock in our second energy center, the sacral chakra.

If you have been feeling this way for some time, you might benefit from balancing your sacral chakra. You can begin to inspire creativity and get your lovin’ feeling back by doing these 4 things now.

1. Dance. 

Throw on your favorite tunes and dance around your living room. Move your hips and sacral area, just below your belly button. This is a great way to awaken your sacral chakra as movement wakes up the energy and activates healing.

2. Wear orange.  

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, and by wearing it you will feel more alive and creative. Surrounding yourself with the light vibration of the chakra color will help activate the energy that will help bring it into balance.

3. Eat these things.  

Honey, almonds, cinnamon, strawberries, melon and coconut. These foods and spices are linked to balancing the pleasure center and can aid in unlocking any locks that may be present in the sacral chakra.

4. Meditate.

Search YouTube for free sacral chakra meditations or music that will bring you into the correct healing vibration to ground yourself. Or you can simply chant "VAM," the sacral chakra seed sound, while you meditate on your own. Each music note or sound holds a specific vibration that is linked to healing of specific chakra's.

Meditation allows you to ascend beyond your mind and delve deeper allowing healing to happen at an emotional/spiritual level. This healing will help you unlock what is holding you back from love.

When your sacral chakra is balanced, you understand that you cannot control others. When you feel conflict in relationships, it is actually a reflection on how you feel about yourself. Your creative energy flows freely and serves you well. You break out of the same old habits which help you learn and grow.

Diane Taylor is a relationship coach with a passion for helping people discover and unlock what's holding them back from finding and keeping the love they desire. Start unlocking love in your life right now by taking the Your Key To Unlocking Love quiz.