Finding A Man Is The First Step


Find out why being yourself is really the best way to find Mr. right.

Honestly, did you ever think you’d be reading an article about how to get a man? Of course you didn’t! But here you are; and I’m glad you came.

Dating is easy… and hard. It’s easy because it’s natural to want a man, relationship, or significant other. However, it is often hard to initiate a conversation or approach a man you may find attractive or interesting.

If you want to know how to get a man, you should simply start with YOURSELF. Too many single women have the same story. They spend so much time making sure their ‘life plan’ has no detours, and they forget to mingle with men and with themselves. Instead of catching up on work with a glass of wine, why not go to a jazz bar and have wine while listening to nice music.

Instead of going to a movie, how about going to a nice Broadway show or theater performance. If you love to work, be on the lookout for a ‘eligible bachelor’ who does the same kind of work as you the next time you’re on a business trip. Do things you enjoy, while still making yourself available to others.

While you’re out, try approaching a man that catches your attention. Don’t ask him for a date within the first two sentences; just try saying “Hello”. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

If you’re waiting for take-out and the handsome gentlemen orders something you’ve never tasted; try asking him about the dish. If you are at the bar trying to decide what wine to order, lean over and ask the gentlemen next to you instead of waiting on the bartender.

Remember that simple conversation goes a long way even if he doesn’t return the interest. This technique is simply getting you in the habit of being open to different arrays of men.

Now that you’ve read this article about how to get a man, surely you understand that the hunt begins with you. Men are equally intimidated with dating. However, they push through because of the standards that today’s women uphold.

If you really want to know how to get a man, try giving him a break! Let him see that he’s not the only one out there working. It’s simple! Start by saying “Hello”!

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