Don't Hate Valentine's Day if you are Single

Don't Hate Valentine's Day if you are Single

Discover 5 ways to change your mindset around Valentine's Day to attract your true love

For some singles Valentine’s Day reeks of everything despicable from gloating co-workers showing off their flowers, engagement rings and romantic weekend plans to the realization of yet another year without a sweetheart of their own. Despite the deluge of romantic paraphernalia, you can change from a hater to a lover of Valentine’s Day even without a special someone.

Don’t blame cupid and the silly red hearts, but your state of mind that is creating any upset within you around this time of year. You may not be able to find true love by Valentine’s Day to feel better, but here are five ways you can make a simple shift in your thinking to lift your spirits and even welcome the day with open arms.

1. Celebrate Love – Even if you don’t have your true love in your life yet, you can still celebrate that love is possible. If you didn’t see other happy couples, you would really find it hard to have faith that an amazing love is out there for you. Smile and say “thank you” in your mind to all those gloating happy couples for helping you believe in love. Know there is always an abundance of love and you also deserve a piece of the pie.

2. Buy a Valentine’s card – Go to the sweethearts section of your local greeting card store and pick out your favorite “you are the one for me” card. Imagine that your true love is sending this to you and how you will feel when you get a special note like that. Just reading the cards may well up some tears but the emotions come from your heart saying, “I deserve this!” Put this card next your bed and open it on the 14th. You can keep it on your nightstand and read it every day until “the one” arrives.

3. Buy Flowers - Have you ever given yourself flowers? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself with love. If flowers aren’t your thing, go to the mall and buy your own Valentine’s Gift. I used to buy myself flowers all the time when I was single. My co-workers would always ask, “Who gave you the flowers?” I would reply, “Someone who loves me very much….me!” They always said it was a great idea. If you are a guy, pick something that you would want your special lady to get you for Valentine’s Day.

4. Dinner with Friends - Get a group of single friends together for a special meal. Either go out to a fancy place and get dressed up or have someone host a dinner party. Celebrate all the wonderful things you love about each other. Everyone can bring a sweetheart gift to exchange. You will discover how much love you already have in your life. Invite men and women who are positive and not going to make it a whining festival.

5. Be your own priority – Set the date as a “me” day. Take yourself to your favorite restaurant for lunch or indulge a little in something that you would only do on a special occasion. If you focus on treating yourself well, you will discover how much power you have in making yourself happy instead of waiting for someone else to come along to do the job.

How you look at Valentine’s Day will affect what you attract in relationships. Your subconscious mind will draw you to things that make you happy. If you surround each February 14th with pain, your inner mind will literally repel you from anything to do with love. If you celebrate love even when you are single, your subconscious learns that love is good and pleasurable and will intuitively draw you to the right situations to attract love to you right away.

Remember that how you experience the day is your choice. No one is telling you to feel bad or to feel left out of the “love club” but your own mind. You can change your thoughts around the holiday so that you can have fun with it. The more you open your heart to love you make it more attractive to you.