How Relationship Hopping Is RUINING Your Chance At Love

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Love, Heartbreak

Here's why going from one relationship to another is the worst thing you can EVER do!

Living in Los Angeles, the word hiatus is a popular term. Every TV show has seasons. Between seasons they are on hiatus. What do they do on hiatus?

Well, actors get messed up, get put on the cover of People magazine and have gay interludes when they're straight. They get drunk and get pulled over to the side of the road by a cop who actually is a transvestite. You know we've read all that stuff. 

Or you can look at the new US or OK  magazines and see that Tom Cruise and John Travolta have been lovers for 20 years. That's what actors do on hiatusthey get into trouble.

NFL players on hiatus get into even more trouble. What do they do during that time? Well, they also do drugs. They tend to get caught attacking women. Good old Darren Sharper. There are lots of things NFL players do. They beat up on their wives. Hiatus is a very powerful term. 

People need a hiatus. That's the reason why after having an intense experience, if you think about it, you need hiatus. 

The NFL season starts, in July with training camp. It's extremely intense. By the time it finally ends, you realize your team sucks and you're not going anywhere. You're emotionally burned out and you need those five months to go on hiatus and regroup from the physical pain, and the emotional torture that you've experienced as a player.

Television shows work around the clock. They're constantly working, and learning lines. It's intense. Yes, they get paid a lot, but after doing a 13 or 20 episode run of a TV show, you need a break. You need hiatus to regroup. 

Then why do so many people who are in relationships go from one to the next? I don't get that. You had a three-year relationship, and this is what most people do.

They get out of a relationship and immediately, as in right away, before even processing a thing, they put themselves on an online dating site and they're open to date somebody. You're a mess when you get out of a relationship. You basically went through something so intense for a long period of time and you're already going out there and dating again. 

People want the replacement theory of dating instead of going on hiatus. Hiatus is actually what you need to do. It's the worst thing to go from one relationship to the next. Where is the process? Where is the healing?

How are you going to figure out what went wrong? How are you going to take responsibility for things that you did in that relationship? How are you ever going to grow and change and attract somebody different? 

When a relationship is over, you're beaten. You're destroyed. You're tired. 

You need a hiatus. You need a nice long break from the opposite sex to get clarity with everything. Yet so many people go from season to season. Each man, or each woman, tends to go right into the next.

When they blend in to the next, you never get exactly what you want. You end up getting the same thing over and over again, because you don’t process things and understand why the relationship wasn’t successful. 

So here's what I strongly suggest to all of you; The next time a relationship ends, go on hiatus. Take it from our NFL players and our TV actors. Enjoy yourself. Do things that are important to you.

Hiatus is healthy. When you're on hiatus, you'll actually be able to get the clarity on what you want. You'll get clarity you've never had before. You might be alone, you may sleep alone, you may toss and turn and you may not get your physical or emotional needs met by another human being. But you'll get them met by yourself.

Hiatus is so important. You'll regenerate, you'll look at things differently. You won't make the same career dating mistakes you've been making, because you've been able to process things. Processing is healthy. Go on a dating hiatus.