I Tweeted My Way To Love On An American Airline Flight!


How YOU can learn from the determined woman, who used Twitter to track down the man of her dreams.

Did you catch the story this week about a modern day girl who thought she just met her future husband on an American Airlines flight?

Erica Domesek, a lifestyle blogger who lives in New York City, was traveling on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Calgary when she hit it off with the handsome stranger next to her. Although they got along well and had a great conversation, they neglected to trade last names or contact information.

Erica decided there was no way she was going to let this man slip through her fingers. In hopes of finding her mystery man she took to Twitter. She Tweeted American Airlines and asked…


The airline didn't bite, but to cut a long story short, Erica maganged to track down her handsome stranger through a friend who knew him and the pair are now dating. So, are they in love? Who knows? Are they going to be together forever? Who knows? But there are some big lessons to be learned from this story. 

First, how many times have I told men to stop waiting for women to give you confirmation and validation? If you're attracted to her, ask her out, it's as simple as that. Women shouldn't have to go through all the troubles Erica did to track him down. They shouldn't have to go on Twitter and Tweet the airline to find him. If the man did his job in the first place, he would've taken her information down.

Now I know some of you doubters out there will say to yourself, "He couldn't have been interested in her or he would've asked for her number."

From what I've heard, he was thrilled when she finally managed to track him down and got to hang out.

Guys, women will go to extreme measures to get you to say, "Hi, ask me out. I'm even going to Tweet about it."

Where are all the men? Where are you? Ask the woman out when you meet her abd don't wait. Don't leave it up to her to get on social media to find you. As for Erica, you crazy Twitter-obsessed woman, I love you!

You decided to take your own life into your own hands. You decided to take a risk. You broke all the rules. Almost every other dating expert out there would have told you not to contact him. They would've said to leave it alone. It wasn’t meant to be. But you took control and made it happen. I’m proud of you, although I still think the guy should have done his bit and taken down your number.

Erica is proof that when you take a chance and push your comfort zone, amazing things can happen. This is a lesson to every woman out there. Even if you make it obvious to a man, he probably still has no concept you’re interested in him.

Although, men might act as if they have everything under control, they are clueless. Men are passive and scared to ask women out. We should all learn from this story. Women, take your life into your own hands, and men, for goodness sake, ask the woman out!

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