Fact Or Fiction? Marriages To Short Men Last Longer


This puts the question of "does size matter?" in a whole new light.

One of the complaints I get from men all the time on my site is that women only want to date tall men. In fact, I get hundreds of emails every week from "vertically challenged" men claiming their height is stopping them meeting women.

Perhaps women are attracted to taller men, or perhaps guys with a little less in the leg, just have a poor self-image and perception of why they're not getting as many dates as their taller counterparts. But if you believe new research from the New York University, if you want a long lasting love affair, you're better off with a shorter man!

That's right. According to stats, while tall men find love quicker and marry faster than shorter men, guys below a certain height divorce at a much lower rate than taller men. Here's what else is interesting. The study also found that around 90 percent of highflying business CEOs are above average height. Is it just a coincidence, or proof that when it comes to confidence and authority, height does make a difference to how women percieve potential partners?

What about the possibility that because these taller guys also have higher-powered jobs, they also have more work stress in their life that filters into home life? The study also says that men above average height are likely to do more housework than shorter men do. So, you might end up divorcing Mr. Longlegs, but at least he'll do more of the cooking, cleaning and hoovering.

Now you're wondering whether you go for a longer marriage at the sacrifice of more work around the house, or a short marriage where you can put your feet up! You know what? To me, these studies are completely insane. Who cares what the stats say; especially when they base those stats on a very small part of the population?

It's insane to suggest that if you marry a taller man you're going to divorce quicker than if you marry a shorter guy. It's about how you connect as people. It's about how you work together as a partnership. It's about how well you communicate together. What really bothers me about these kind of studies is that they affect how people date.

How many women will look at this study and immediately rule out taller men because of what they've read? My guess (and hope) is that people are smarter than that, but even if one-person makes a decision on who they'd date based on statistics, it's too many. We need to stop reading into figures. We need to stop reading the horoscopes (or at least taking them to heart). And we need to start dating with our hearts and souls.

Forget your perfect type of man, and forget what a psychic once told you about the man you would marry. The only way you're going to find true love and happiness is to get out there and start experiencing men. And I mean experiencing all kinds of men.

Tall men, short men, thick men, well-built men, slightly camp men, and every kind of man in between. Love is the most natural, organic and magical thing in the world, and I honestly don't believe it's something we can predict or quantify with numbers. Trying to turn dating into a mathematical equation is crazy and in my opinion dangerous. Open your heart and eventually someone amazing will walk into it. It won't be a scientist that sends him your way either!

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