How TRUE Acceptance Gives You The Drama-Free, LOVE-Filled Life Of Your Dreams

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strong relationship using acceptance

The key to a simpler, happier life.

Relationships, at times, can be a struggle.

In times of uncertainty, we struggle with trusting the process of life. We are fearful, so we want control and we want to know the outcome.

And yet we tend to predict a negative outcome ahead of time, bypassing the process of "what is." 

All of this feeds our fear, a sense of powerlessness, and our feelings of loneliness — which, in turn, can fuel depression and anxiety. 

When a relationship is in struggle and conflict, there is the need for power, control and to always be right. These actions are like putting sticks in a fire; they will only keep the fire of conflict burning when you really want the fire to go out.

The need for power, control, and to be right are about fear. Our insecurities inspire the need to protect and defend ourselves, and this is what destroys relationships.

They are perceptions and actions of our ego, creating much conflict and drama; both within the individual self and the relationship. Conflict and drama destroy many different types of relationships and friendships

The power of acceptance:

Relationship struggles and conflict, as well as the related uncertainty, can serve as lessons and opportunities to practice acceptance.

In uncertain times, we are called to the act of acceptance.

Acceptance doesn't mean you like or agree with "what is." Acceptance is to just be present to it.

Being in the thoughts and behaviors of acceptance of what is helps you take the high road when struggle and conflict arises.  

Acceptance is a form and act of love, and a constructive way to overcome fear, resistance, and resentment.

When we resist, deny, avoid or blame, we delay the opportunity for our happiness and growth

If we are unhappy and unfulfilled, we haven’t asked (and more importantly answered) an important question: What’s happened in my life, in my relationship, that I’m not accepting?

Acceptance is to ride the wave of uncertainty, without losing yourself in the unknown of what is. Acceptance is shedding our will and our way and aligning with the divine power and will. With the knowing, we will gain more than we lose as we trust and allow in the power greater than ourselves. 

Acceptance is getting to know and understand our partner or our neighbor, from their perspective, not just our own. It helps us to respond, rather than react to, differences and conflict.

Here are seven ways in which learning acceptance in relationships can help your life as an individual:

1. Acceptance is a sign of spiritual maturity.

2. Acceptance is being present and mindful to an experience without being defined by the experience.

3. Willingness and understanding lead the way to acceptance. Acceptance is wisdom in action.

4. Acceptance embraces the acts of spiritual surrender and willingness of “what is”, creating realistic neutrally and non-attachment to experiences.

5. Acceptance, as spiritual surrender; magnifies our connection to a higher power and to love. Which restores hope, and allows for a higher meaning to life experiences.

6. Acceptance is an act of love and courage. Accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change what I can. Furthermore, it moves you from powerless to empowerment.

7. What we accept we conquer. What we resist will persist.


These are the five benefits to your relationships when you learn acceptance:

1. Acceptance transcends denial, creates an emotional calm and inner peace. In addition, it widens one’s perception. Helping us make healthier, more loving choices. 

2. Acceptance is a forward moving energy. It allows us the opportunity to rise above our struggles, promoting positive problem-solving.

3. The willingness to accept another's and our own imperfections is to discover the perfection. Perfection in Divine terms means, "To have compassion for" and the Divine has compassion for all that is. 

4. Acceptance leads to compassion, which allows for forgiveness or reconciliation.

5. Acceptance begins to transform fear, uncertainty, and bondage; to love, joy, and freedom.

With acceptances come tolerance, resilience, and confidence to weather life and relationship difficulties and uncertainties.

I close with my quote, which seems to fit during times of uncertainty (below):

"The degree of uncertainty you can tolerate is directly related to the quality of your life."

Realize, the choice is always ours, as to who and how we want to be in times of struggle and uncertainty.

I choose understanding, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, for they equal the power of love!

If all of this is a challenge, consider seeking help and support. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength, a healthy and assertive way to help yourself and move through life transitions.

Are you struggling with accepting some life experiences? Are you anxious and/or overwhelmed by change or uncertainty? Please contact David Schroeder if you would like assistance with your acceptance and change issues; and how to work through them. David Schroeder, LMSW, CPC from Grand Rapids, MI. His practice, Transition Pathways helps people find healthy pathways to love, greater awareness and higher potential. David's book, Just Be Love is available through online bookstores.