5 Quick Ways To Tell If He's Ready for Date #2

It's a fast paced world we're dating in! Here's how to tell if he's ready for a second date, FAST.

It's a fast paced world we're dating in. Why waste your time, Single Girl? Instead of going on date after date, learn some handy time saving tips so you can get to Date #2, or get out, as quickly as possible.

Here's how:

  1. Conversation Flow: Assess the conversation flow. This is the most important thing--more than attraction, more than the restaurant, more than his outfit. If the conversation flows well, there's a possibility for a second date. If the conversation is awkward, start/stop, or just plain clashing, cut your loses. Because really, would you ever want to date someone you couldn't talk to.
  2. Attraction: OK, so attraction isn't at the top of the list. But it's a close second! All I ask, Single Girl, is that you please suspend your judgments until after the date is complete. How can you know if you are attracted to someone based only on sitting across the table for an hour or two? Or worse, a tiny little profile picture? Contrary to popular belief, you don't "just know" if you're attracted to someone instantly. Attraction happens in the eyes, and in the brain. Ask yourself one question at the end of the date: "Can I imagine kissing this person?" If the answer is a resounding NO WAY, then no more dates. If you answered: maybe, not sure, or yes, it's second date time.
  3. Respect For Your Space: This one is easy. If your date is pushy, leans in too much, gets into your personal space, or pressures you for more physical intimacy than you're ready for, NO more dates. None. None-negotiable
  4. Respect For Your Time: If your date shows up 20 minutes late without a good excuse, or pushes you to stay out later than you told him you'd be able to stay out (you have a big presentation in the morning, an you need your beauty sleep!), ditch him. Your time is precious, and I don't want you wasting any more of it on people who don't respect yours.
  5. Does He Ask Questions? You're an interesting human being. You've got a lot to say. Your date will naturally be curious about you. You'll know he is when he asks sincere questions about you, your history, your thoughts, and your daily life. You'll ask him questions, too, of course. And happily, the conversation will flow naturally, as one answer prompts more conversation (see #1). If he asks a lot of questions about you, go on to Date #2. If he doesn't, say buh-bye.

Happy dating!