Why Invest in Lingerie it's Only on for 30 Seconds?

Why Invest in Lingerie
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I've got three great reasons why you should invest in lingerie, even though it doesn't stay on long.

I have a sign hanging in my dressing rooms here at my Curvy Girl Lingerie store in San Jose. It gently reminds my customers that, "He does not see it on you the way you see it on you."

This comes up on a daily basis because my lingerie store specializes in beautiful undergarments for women who just happen to be curvier than most – those beautiful plus-sized women that unfortunately think they aren't sexy enough to wear lingerie.

But believe it or not, this question comes up from big, beautiful women who have a healthy sex life too – why should I buy it if it's only going to last 30 seconds before it's ripped off?

I'll give you several reasons!

For starters, to most men, lingerie equals sex. Period. They have seen enough of it on TV and in movies and porn to know that if you’re wearing lingerie for him, the end goal is getting naked and sweaty. And why shouldn't it be? Good lingerie is soft, silky, and feminine. It feels good against the skin and emphasizes your best assets – and to men, that is sexy!

Secondly, men have a much longer memory than they let on. If you surprise him by wearing lingerie, odds are that even if it only stays on for 30 seconds, he's filed that vixen-like, dolled-up version of you away in his memory (or spank bank) forever.

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