5 Tips On Making Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

Love, Self

New year … new you! Does your New Year's resolution have staying power?

With the holidays drawing to a close, you may already be feeling that inner motivation stepping up and challenging you to clean up your act, boost your confidence, and start fresh in the new year. If only that motivation would last long enough to push you through the next 365 days. Unfortunately, most New Year's resolutions barely make it past the first week.

How do you know if you are setting yourself up for success? Consider these 5 questions when evaluating your New Year's resolution.

Are you starting early enough?

Whatever you do in the first moments after you wake up sets the tone for your entire day. Altering your early morning routine to align with your goal will get you one step closer to success. Trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. Trying to lead a more peaceful life? Start your morning off with a brief meditation or prayer. You'll notice that your tendencies throughout the day will reflect these first morning acts. 

Are you adding in or taking away?

When we think of revamping our lives for the better, we have a tendency to think about what not-so-good habits we'd like to ditch. However, it's much easier to start adding healthier habits before stopping those that we've become dependent on. Trying to lose a few pounds? Try setting a resolution to eat more vegetables each day, rather than trying to cut out junk food. You'll notice that once you incorporate the healthier foods, you'll have less cravings for the others.

How much are you trying to accomplish?

No matter what you'd like to accomplish, your likelihood for success substantially increases by taking on baby steps rather than huge lifestyle changes. Do you want to include more exercise in your life? Try taking the stairs at work, or parking farther away from the building. Once you've hit that goal for a few days, move up to something a little more challenging.

Do you have a buddy?

Support, support, support! We tend to care more about letting others down than letting ourselves down. Partner with someone else who would like to achieve a similar goal and you will be much more likely to pull through on your promises to yourself. Trying to quit smoking? Set up a plan to report to your partner once a day. Call your partner if you start to feel the urge to light up.

What is your plan for when the going gets tough?

When you are feeling that intense motivation to make a change, immediately write a few sentences from your heart describing what you want to change, why you want to do it, and why you know you will be successful. Keep these words in a safe and accessible place. When you feel yourself losing motivation or the desire to succeed, reread these sentences and revisit your promise to yourself.

While these tips will help you set a solid, achievable New Year's resolution, please know that there is an exception to every rule. All you ultimately need is to believe in yourself and your dreams and anything is possible.

If you find yourself struggling to make the changes your heart knows is best for you, send me an email. I can help.