An Unconventional (Yet Fool-Proof) 3-Step Plan To Find Mr. Right

couple dancing

Hint: you need to actually DATE people.

Okay, so you want to meet a great guy. I get that. However, the number one dating mistake most women make is that they spend WAY too much time dating the wrong guy.

If you spend months or years with a guy long after it’s become apparent that he’s not the man you want, you’re making it that much harder for you to find the right guy for you—your Mr. Right.

This might challenge some limiting beliefs that you have about dating, but I have a simple, three step guide that's going to blow your mind. Here it is:

1. Know WHO your Mr. Right is.
Some people know who and what they’re looking for. They have a long laundry list about his career, his physique, his personality, etc.. Others don’t. They believe that they’ll “just know” when they meet him. BOTH of these are the wrong approach.

Instead, you want to know who you’re looking for, without being picky. Limiting your 'list' to five must-have qualities and five dealbreakers. That’s it. Why? Because this forces to you to decide what is truly and actually important to you in a guy.

Is it really important that he is over six feet tall? If so, then you have 4 more must-haves. Choose wisely.

2. Get out there at DATE ... a lot.
In our culture, a lot of women may feel uneasy about this and worry about being called a “slut” for dating multiple guys at the same time. But that's just a limiting belief. 

There’s nothing slutty about dating on your way to finding Mr. Right. The only thing that would be slutty is having absolutely no standards. In fact, by dating multiple guys, you are INCREASING your chances of finding Mr. Right.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you lead men on or have multiple relationships at the same time (unless that’s what you want). You’re only dating. There is no pressure or guilt involved.

3. Don't be afraid to END it.
You’ve have your list of what you’re looking for in Mr. Right. Now it’s time to USE it.

When you limit what’s on your list to five must-have qualities and five dealbreakers, you'll focus on personality and character traits, rather than physical or superficial things. Then you can put the men you're meeting to the test!

Most men you meet most likely won't have all of your must-have qualities and many will have at least one dealbreaker quality. If you notice this, don't date 'em. Seriously. If you were honest when you made your list, there is no chance that you will be truly happy with him. So do yourself (AND him) a favor by cutting your losses and moving on. This leaves you with more space in your life to find Mr. Right.

Yes, this approach will probably have you churning through a high volume of men as you meet them, date them and figure out if they are the kind of person you want in a relationship. That’s fine. That just means you’re doing it the right way.

When you meet someone who seems like he’s Mr. Right, cut off all the other guys and start dating him seriously and commit.

Again, this strategy might be a little bit controversial, and it may make you feel uneasy. But it’s also most likely to find you Mr. Right. Isn’t that worth the price of pushing your comfort zone a little bit?