Will Like Turn Into Love?


Will you eventually feel a spark for someone when you don't feel it initially?

A friend has been seeing this guy off and on for a few months and he is a great guy, they have a lot in common and things are comfortable and easy but does she feel the spark? No. So when you are in a relationship with someone and everything is going great, but there are no sparks or pull to that person what do you do?

No one should ever settle for less than what they deserve but at twenty-nine, it's starting to look hopeless for my friend and our group, (of course this is our pessimistic outlook.) She thinks maybe she is too picky? Maybe, she is expecting too much? Maybe, her standards need to be lowered? There is a constant battle of what if's and of course the pressure from family and even society for people to settle down at a certain age. But you should never settle just because someone is there.

The kicker part is that they have so much in common! Again, it is just so easy for them! But damn that spark! Or maybe she is questioning it because it is so easy and there is no drama involved. Most of her relationships have had a certain amount of drama and it was always so dramatic! It was never easy, constantly battling each other on if they loved each other enough or if they were right for each other. Which is extremely exhausting. So here she has a guy who is ok with everything in her life and causes no drama!

He seems perfect for her. Maybe every girl thinks that if there isn't drama involved or some type of game than there is something wrong with the relationship, because they have never seen real love before? I guess she may also have a fear that if she continues on with him and than she might meet someone and than there is that "spark" that is lacking with the other guy and she will break the other guys heart that has been so good to her.

I guess in time they will see how they will work out. And I guess that maybe she will find out if Like can turn into Love and hopefully it will be a lasting love that everyone wishes for and not something that fizzles like the spark that we always crave for. Or is the spark a big load of bullshit and we are looking for something that isn't even real? Maybe the spark is in fact just lust on our part and lets be honest lust rarely makes it to the alter. And again we are back with the what if's of life. Is it real or is it not? At some point all you really want is for someone or something to point you in the right direction and say "Good Luck!" And if you screw it up it was your own fault. But not having any type of direction or anyone telling you yay or nay is so FRUSTRATING!

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So here we are again with the joys of dating and this is why people settle down with someone that may not be right for them because they are tired of the games and the WORK that you have to put in to achieve what ever it is you are trying to achieve. So I hope she is headed in the right direction, but I guess only time will tell!