No Success On Dating Websites? Try Your Luck With A Matchmaker


Using online dating sites is stressful. Why not try your luck with a matchmaker?

Yes, we are seeing more and more millennials signing up on dating websites due to frustration caused by online apps and the internet driven dating scene. Most adults in the 80s and early 90s own both a computer and cell phone, giving them instant access to an abundance of online dating sites and apps.

Naturally, with costs being minimal (if not free) and the promise of an instant match, this is generally one of the first routes taken by millennials. Yet, they soon discover that quantity does not equal quality.

Sure, there appears to be an endless supply of possible candidates, but pull back the curtain and many of those matches aren't what you were hoping for when you signed up. Additionally, many online daters are tempted by the endless options; even if they find someone they like, they wonder if one more click or exchanged email could bring them a better offer.

We've heard stories of people that lined up 4 dates in one day. How can they give anyone a chance when they are thinking about the next best person they hope to meet later that day? When someone tells us they met someone from online dating for a coffee date, we think, "Oh, they had a real date later."

Matchmakers work in quality, not quantity. Each match is carefully considered after having interviewed and vetted all potential matches. When online dating, millennials are forced to sift through endless profiles with old photos, exaggerated stats, and a surprising number of marital status misrepresentations.

Anyone You Want Me To Be is the true story about the world's first serial murderer that found all his victims online. This married business man and father of two killed around 15 women. It took the detectives over 15 years to catch him due to the fact he was using fake profiles.

In 20 years of matchmaking, we've never had anything bad happen, other than people not liking each other. The people looking to harm others will sign up where they can't get caught. Matchmaking is a more expensive route to go, but well worth it to people who are tired of the online madness.

Matchmakers also don't encounter the "grass is greener" issue that so prevalent when dating online. A large number of our clients have asked why someone they had been communicating with online suddenly disappeared. Again, since online dating sites boast millions of members, potential mates are viewed as easily replaceable.

This helps the online dating business; it's in the best interest of those sites to entice individuals to continue using their site. On the contrary, it is in a matchmaker's best interest to produce successful, lasting relationships.

We wish you the best of luck finding your significant other using whatever dating avenue you choose.

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