Why You Should Believe in Marriage, Regardless Of The Odds

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This is Why You Should Believe in Marriage Regardless Of the Odds

You can have a happy marriage if you believe.

There are so many articles on being single and how you don't need to make a commitment especially when you are young.

Marriage seems to be outdated these days and many have looked away from this amazing traditional institution. But, this is why you should believe in marriage and regardless of the odds.

Here are some reasons to get married, despite the uncertainties:

1. You have a best friend at your side for life.

Companionship is essential since we are social animals and would always love someone to be there for us.

Marriage tends to offer you the opportunity to live with your best friend. You have someone who you can wake up with and who is there for you as you tackle life’s challenges.

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2. You can start new traditions.

Marriage tends to give you the chance to build a legacy with someone and pass this down for generations. Your wedding ceremony can bring families together. Plus, you are able to start new family values and create something special with your children and grandchildren.

3. You are responsible.

It is not simply about you anymore; you have something to prove to others. People are looking for those who they can follow even in a world of disappointment and heartbreaks.

4. You have someone who you can share the pain and joys of life with.

There are day-to-day challenges like mortgages and car payments. There are interesting times too, like earning a promotion or reaching a career goal.

Thanks to marriage, you don’t have to journey in life alone. You would have someone who you can be committed to and spend your life with as you experience sweet and bitter moments.

5. You have someone who sees you for the best person you can be.

Yes, you have flaws and imperfections, but you have a companion who sees past that. They see what possibilities you can make and trust your judgments to make things right.

It really is looking past all those things you cannot do and focusing on the things you can do.

6. You have someone who pushes you to be better.

Even when you make those silly mistakes, you are willing to learn from them, adjust and try to set things right.

You know that you won’t always be the ideal partner but you are willing to try and make that effort to be better for that person you care about.

7. It's all about commitment.

Yes, you are willing to go the whole nine yards with someone. It is about showing them for a lifetime that you will be there for them. You are not scared but courageous to make a difference in someone else’s life after all.

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