Are Your Planets At War?


Let's hope your Venus is stronger than Mars.

Throughout this past week, there has been extra tragedy in the news; I'm sure I don't have to tell you. The conflict between Israel and Hamas and the loss of life from the plane that was shot down over Ukraine have been so unspeakably sad and terrifying. Amazingly, when world tensions "flare up" like this, it can always be seen in the stars, and it doesn't just affect countries; it affects all of us.

A major contributor to these events (besides the fact that the charts of Israel and Palestine are wildly incompatible — yes, countries have charts, too!) is the fact that the most challenging planets (Mars and Saturn) are together in the same sign as of the last week, and will stay so until early September. Therefore, we all need to be more gentle with ourselves and each other, and we need to pray for peace and healing to those in crisis. In astrological lore, the planets themselves have relationships to one another, and they are either friendly, neutral, or enemies. Not only that, they can go to war, and they can do so in your chart. To learn what the heck I'm talking about, read on.

That's right — in astrology, there's a little something called, "Planetary War." This is when two planets are exactly together at the same degree of the same sign. (What's called an exact conjunction.) This makes them "fight" for dominance, as though two planets in the same place can't both maintain their power.

Think of it like two kids in the same car fighting over the same car seat. (If you ever took a road trip as a child with an older sibling, you know the misery of that simile.) In Vedic astrology, any two "star" planets can go to war with one another (Mars, Merury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn). The planet with the latitude that is just slightly further North wins the celestial battle. (This has to be checked with astrology software.) The planet that loses ends up drained of some of its strength by the planet that wins — just as the winning country in a war takes resources or powers formerly held by the country they've vanquished.

Thus, in Vedic astrology, the word for the planet that loses is "nipeedita," which actually means "oppressed." If a person has such a combative combination in their chart, this has many interesting results. The things indicated in the life by the planet that is "clobbered" end up not going well in the person's life. While the things indicated by the planet that is the victor end up having extra power since they've taken on the energy of the planet they've conquered. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If the winning planet is a "bad guy" planet (what's called "malefic") then it has the extra oomph to be a bigger bully and cause more trouble than it otherwise could. If the winning planet is a "good guy" planet (what's called "benefic") then it has the extra oomph to be more wondrous and positive than is typical. A striking, famous example of this planetary war business is revealed in the life of a man forever considered a symbol of war himself.

Adolf Hitler had a planetary war going on in his astrological chart between the planets Venus and Mars. The winner between the two planets was — you guessed it — Mars. Mars is the planet of war anyway (and is considered the greatest malefic, or biggest bad guy), and rules all things having to do with the military - strategy, weaponry, aggression, etc. So here's the crazy part. Hitler was a painter. As a youth, his dream of dreams was not to conquer and dominate the entire world; it was to be a successful artist. But because Venus rules art — and because his Mars was "oppressing" his Venus — this part of his life did not go well. He was rejected by the art academy where he wanted to study, not once but twice.

Although he was able to sell some of his paintings, he struggled for years to support himself in this way and lived in poverty, even spending some time homeless. But then along came World War I and suddenly he was successful in a way he'd never been before, but not at art — at war. His Mars had vanquished his Venus, and his beloved painting took a major backseat to his military life. And the rest is history.

Now, please forgive me — any example using Hitler is going to leave a bad taste (to say the least) in your mouth. To be a homicidal megalomaniac like Hitler was, a person has to have many, many difficult things going on in their chart, and he did. I have a stomach ache just thinking about the guy. I'll probably have nightmares about him tonight. But still, just think — one of the most tragic chapters in the entire history of mankind might have been avoided if Hitler had only had a powerful Venus, and if that planetary war of his had gone the other way.

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