10 Signs Your Friend Is A FOREVER Friend (Who Knows Allllll Your Crazy)

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10 Signs Your Friend Is A FOREVER Friend

Your bestie has to see you at your worst in order to get the best from you.

If this person is going to be your bestie for life, she has to know you. The good, the bad and the ugly. This is the meaning of friendship. Your bestie has to accept you for all of you!

Your forever bestie has to witness all shades of your crazy. I know my forever bestie has seen my colors of crazy but we're ride-or-die chicks.

How to know if your friendship will last depends on what your bestie is willing to do for you. These are my 10 shades of cray I needed my forever bestie to witness before I am able to call her that:

1. They have witnessed you screaming at the top of your lungs at someone who hung up 3 minutes ago.

They doesn't interrupt you either. They you keep going so you get it out.

2. They have answered your phone calls while you're drunk and screaming you love them but hate your ex.

Maybe on a weekly basis. They let you obnoxiously continue to say what you need while they are sleeping with the phone next to them.

3. They have witnessed you punch innocent objects.

Those poor doors and walls never did anything to you! Hey, it's better than actually punching the source, right?

4. They have seen you go ape shit on a boyfriend/girlfriend or ex.

If they don't jump on the crazy train and start yelling with you, your forever bestie may be a little questionable.

5. They have seen you throw your phone.

As they hand you theirs after yours was broken. Don't they know that you may very well throw this phone too? They don't care. They'll hand you another!

6. They have seen you cry so hard that they can't help but laugh at what an ugly cryer you are.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I am so ugly when I cry. My lip starts shivering and eyes get all puffy.

Well, if they don't laugh at how ridiculous you look when you cry, they're questionable. They're the only one who could laugh at your ugly self when you're crying.

7. They have drunk you under the table, literally.

I've ended up under tables for some reason when I'm drinking. There has to be at least one time where your BF drinks you under the table, figuratively or literally.

8. They have witnessed you threatening their partner that you'll beat him down if they hurt them.

They do the exact same. And they are one to keep her promises. I wouldn't dare my bestie. Proceed with caution!

9. They have seen an abnormal amount of road rage.

If it was possible to drive and run after people who piss you off driving, that would be me. My forever bestie would just hop in the driver side and come get me.

10. They have received texts that make no sense because you're angry.

This is also on a weekly basis. I often forget what I sent. Oh, that's right, it was nothing but letters, spaces, asterisks and exclamation points as if they make a coherent sentence.

Your forever bestie should be able to see all of your greatness and not-so-great things. I know mine does and without her, I don't know where I'd be today.

To my forever bestie, thank you for being my ride-or-die forever bestie and always giving me the strength to make it through tough times. I just want to thank you for embracing my craziness and sticking by my side.

You're my rock!

Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

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