The Survival Guide You'll Need If You're Dating A Co-Worker

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Have you started down a slippery slope?

You just start out at a new job and realize: hot, single ladies surround you. From the cute and social secretary to the boss's assistant, they all seem like a good time under the sheets. 

But wait — hold on. Let's take a step back and go over some pros and cons of dating co-workers.

The pros:

  1. The person you meet at work knows you well; they see you every day of the week.
  2. They understand your lifestyle because they too work in the same field of work as you.
  3. It's easier to find free time that you can both spend together since you likely work the same hours.

The cons:

  1.  If it doesn't work out, you'll have to see them every single day until you ultimately quit because it's too much to handle.
  2. The word of mouth will most likely cause everyone at work to know about the relationship.
  3. It can affect your quality of work.

After looking at the pros and cons, are you still convinced getting romantically involved with a co-worker seems like a good idea? You may want to further consider these three things before actually moving forward with it:

1. Avoid sleeping with your boss.

While work-related relationships are already complicated, sleeping with a higher pay-grade will only make things more complex. Going on a date with your boss will ruin your reputation at work. Your co-workers will believe you get special treatment and if things don't work out, your boss could treat you incredibly poorly, making your life a living hell.

2. Remember, work comes first.

When dating a co-worker, you'll need to sit down and have a little chat with them. Set up some ground-rules for how to act during work hours. The last thing you want is to both get fired because you're busy gazing into each other’s eyes rather than taking calls.

3. Plan for the worst case scenario.

It's difficult to think of a breakup with new love. When you first fall in love, you'll likely be having sex every chance you can get and you couldn't ever imagine loving someone else. However, after a couple of weeks, one of you may get bored or may realize it's not the love of your life. 

So what comes next; do you quit your job, do you keep working and see them every day? Plan ahead and discuss with that person what you would both agree to do if things go south.