The Dynamic Art Of Communicating Effectively With Men


Do you know what the single MOST IMPORTANT SKILL to have in a relationship with a man is?

Do you know that 80% of the reason a relationship succeeds or fails is a result of the subtle "indirect" things you and a man communicate to each other?

The truth is that many women do not even know what the most important parts of this "indirect" communication are, and how it all works.

To make sure you stay close and deeply connected with the man in your life through even in the toughest of times, you need to master the skill of what I call "Emotional Awareness."

Learn how this has the power to save or destroy your relationship right here where I explain the big stuff you need to know about...

OK, now a quick quiz for you.

Do you know what the single MOST IMPORTANT SKILL to have in a relationship with a man is?

The one skill that underlies EVERYTHING, and is proven to be the ultimate "make it or break it" part of a long term relationship or marriage?

Take a moment to think about what this one absolutely critical skill is.

Are you having a think...

Figure it out yet?

Is it the skill of knowing how to keep a fulfilling life of your own while in a serious relationship?

No, it is not.

Is the skill taking responsibility for your own happiness first?

No, not that either.

Or is it keeping the passion alive and making sure he is "sexually satisfied" with you so that he wants to stay with you and only you?

The answer is that the most crucial skill is none of these things.

The single most important thing you will ever need to know if you want to have a LASTING and SECURE RELATIONSHIP with a man is...

The skill of knowing how to CONNECT and COMMUNICATE with a man "Emotionally and Psychologically."

And notice I said... "with a MAN."

Now, it might sound simple, yet do not be fooled here and make the mistake most women make thinking they know what they are doing when it comes to how men think about talking and sharing in a relationship with a woman... see... most women like to think that they are great communicators because they can SHARE HOW THEY FEEL, and do so often.

Yet this does this get them the kind of LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING that they want from the one man they want it with?

For an overwhelming majority of women, the answer is NO, it does not.

And if you think about it, the numbers do not add up here.

Here is what I mean...


If you are like most women, and you are a great communicator and like to talk and share, then it makes sense that you should have an amazing level of communication going on in your relationships, right?

And you probably do...  mostly though with THE WOMEN in your life. (Hint, hint... think about it... has the penny dropped yet?)

I mean, does not great communication mean that you are able to create the SITUATION or the "environment" where both parties can talk, listen, understand each other, and share?

That is what being a great communicator is all about - being the one to "facilitate" understanding and sharing... and LISTENING!

Then why is it that so many women who are great communicators seem to be the ones who have UNSATISFYING and FRUSTRATING relationships that have little or no TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION with the man in their lives?

Following me here?

Something is off.

Here is what I know with working over the years with women and helping them create deep "Intimate" relationships with men.

Women who do not understand how to genuinely connect with and understand men are always chalking up the poor level of communication to THE MAN in their life - they see it all as a function of how he has STOPPED TALKING AND SHARING with them.

Now, this is at least partly true - it is a two- way street, and a man is equally responsible for keeping a relationship going strong.


What does this situation where a man shuts off mean if you really are a great communicator?

It means that you have an opportunity to use your knowledge and SKILLS to quickly "facilitate" a new kind of conversation that will "re-engage" a man and immediately open the doors of LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING back up between you both.


The reality is, IT IS POSSIBLE to create near INSTANT CHANGE when you know how to communicate and connect with someone in the right way.

And when you start to learn how all this works, and how to quickly and easily connect with anyone on a deep level at any time, something very powerful starts to happen for you...

You start to harness the power of creating a strong "connection" between you and a man in each critical moment in your relationship... and what is even better, you start to enjoy the benefits of how a deep level of connection can immediately transform everything about how you are with each other.

In other words, that strong and powerful "connection" that you build actually safeguards you when the bad times and the tough times come and go.

And it is AMAZING when you can experience this and feel the joy, the fulfillment, and the SECURITY and CERTAINTY that it brings.


Since we have touched on all this about the skill of creating a deep level of connection through communication,

I would like to ask you...

Do you have this CRITICAL SKILL right now?

Can you create the change and the growth you want in your relationship from your own ability to communicate and connect with HIM?

Or are you waiting for him to figure out how to reconnect with you, so he will pull you and your relationship out of the "funk" that it has fallen into?

Do you feel STUCK as you're constantly trying to reconnect, and the more you seem to try and talk, the more he seems to pull away?

The more he feels you are "nagging" him?

If you do not have this skill we have been talking about, then I think