Navigate Out Of The Friend Zone Forever With Just 3 Tools!

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Want a girlfriend? Here are 3 ways to avoid the "Friend Zone."

I'm sure you've experienced "The Friend Zone," that terrible experience when a person that you want to be intimate with has labeled you as "just a friend," at least once in your life. If you have, you understand that it is very difficult to find your way out of. It's awful, right? But it doesn't have to be permanent!

First let's talk about WHY you are in the Friend Zone or have a habit of ending up there.

Reasons may include:

  1. Being too nice, too sweet, too accommodating and constantly agreeing. "Oh, yeah, exactly, totally, I completely agree."
  2. Over-complimenting.
  3. Being too eager.
  4. Falling for a girl who has a boyfriend.
  5. Falling for a girl who isn't attracted to you. Unfortunately not all girls will find you attractive!
  6. You have not set boundaries for what you will or will not accept.

But the most common reason you're put in the Friend Zone? You haven't demanded to be in any other zone!

I am going to tell you exactly what you need, not only to avoid the Friend Zone, but also get out of it if you're currently stuck!

You Need To Have:

  1. Self Respect: the belief that you are worthy of great things

    Those with little to no self-respect can end up in the Friend Zone for nearly their whole lives. This is because they are unable to trust that they are worthy of great things. Until they are able to trust that they deserve these things, they will not be able to ask for anything! Try listing 5 awesome things about yourself. Don't be shy, be honest. These 5 things are reasons that you deserve respect, especially from yourself. Once you respect yourself, others will follow.

  1. Confidence: Knowing you will get what you want

    Once you can understand and TRUST that you are worthy of great things, the next step is to believe that you can get what you want. That means that if you see a woman you want to be with you, you need to trust that you will get her.

    Again, if you don't trust in yourself, how is she going to trust in you?

  1. Ability To Be DirectSay it as it really is for you.

    This is the physical part of the process. Once you know that you are awesome and that others will think you are awesome as well, you have to figure out how to approach them to ask for what you want. What you want is not the Friend Zone, but intimacy, love, sex, a relationship, dating. So ask for it, know you're worthy of getting it, and be okay if you don't. No more beating around the bush and waiting for the perfect moment. That is putting your wants in someone else's control. Take control, be direct and ask for what you want.

    For example, instead of asking "What are you up to this weekend?" say "I want to take you out this weekend." Direct. Yes or No. Then you know and you can choose how you want to move forward.

Once you work these 3 things and you're able to own these attributes and put them to practice, I know you will cut down the risk of finding yourself remotely close to the friend zone ever again!

Very few guys do not feel this fear of women. The ones that do approach are simply getting past their fear. This means that when you try to explain to other guys what you're experiencing, many of them simply DENY that it is even happening! It's crazy, but most guys don't even acknowledge it...

But I DO!

Do YOU want to find out the rest and how to DESTROY your fears with women and stop ending up in The Friend Zone? Then contact me. We'll work together to build your confidence so you can avoid ending up in the "Dreaded" Friend Zone with women.

As always, leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine men and feminine women know and are the EXCEPTIONS! For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce, International Coach And Author

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