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We're dying to know — what are YOUR top deal breakers?

When it comes to relationships worth keeping and relationships worth leaving, what are your deal breakers?

YourTango's CEO Andrea Miller is conducting a survey to determine the most common reasons we reject an otherwise attractive long-term partner or spouse.

Deal breakers come in many forms — physical appearance, personality traits, achievements (or lack thereof), behaviors, mindsets, desires — the list is never ending.

Some deal breakers are positive: He must have a first-rate education or a high-paying career. Deal breakers can also be negative, such as: a bad temper, crooked teeth, or voting Republican.

So, in an archetypal example: He's an Ivy-League-educated lawyer who is super funny and warm, but he's short and balding. For many women, this man is ideal marriage material. For other women, his physical characteristics represent an inherent deal breaker, even though he offers many other attractive, redeeming traits.

Sometimes our deal breakers are superficial. Sometimes they're complex and deeply thoughtful. But we all have them, and they're nothing to feel ashamed of.

Each of us has a quirky turn-on and, yes, also a weird turn-OFF that no one else understands.

So ... what personality traits or physical features are Kryptonite to you?

How have deal breakers impacted your pursuit of a loving, successful relationship? If you're single or looking, we're interested in your current list of deal breakers. If you're in a long-term relationship now, what were your deal breakers in the past?

Please answer these super quick multiple-choice questions. And, if you have any anecdotes or stories to share we would love to hear those, too!

In addition, please share your email address with us if you would like us to automatically enter you to win one of ten autographed copies of Andrea Miller's new book (working title: Radical Acceptance: Loving the One You're With), scheduled for publication in Spring, 2017 by Simon & Schuster. (Here's an overview of the book.)

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