The Path To Unconditional Love: Why Your Energy Matters

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Here is the level of absolute passion, of unconditional love.

In my previous posts, I discussed how expression of feelings and engagement with your partner. You've worked hard and this post will wrap it up. This last step is the ultimate level and the place where you want to be together. Here is the level of absolute passion, of unconditional love.

You fell in love with your fiancé because of who they are in your eyes, how they touch your heart, and how their energy resonates with your energy. Your intuition pulsates impulses of pure acceptance and forgiveness. You recognize that what you're going through together is part of your experience in life, the you give to those events, to your understanding of how life is played.

When you unlock your awareness about every experience that both of you go through, it provides an opportunity to discover more about each other, to discover secrets within you and within your partner you've never known before. You're unlocking your hearts and souls to embrace both of your Truth within: that is who are you, truly? What's your life's purpose? When you start elevating your thinking above and beyond the event, you will understand what life is all about.

Any couple that goes through a misunderstanding knows there are any number of different reactions. Reactions range from:

"I lose," to "I win. If you win too, that's great." to "Everyone always wins," to "There are no winners or losers."

It all depends on where you want to be and how you can work on your default tendencies to improve the quality of your life and your relationships with your partner. To Embrace your partner and your life together takes courage, determination, honor, and respect. 
 As you embrace your partner's essence, your awareness will rise and your outlook on life as a whole will change.

I extend my hand to you, to help pull you up from the dark pit that you find yourself falling into whenever something you don't like occurs. I'll help you climb to the light and to safety! 

With my help and guidance as your coach, you'll be able to express yourself freely in your partner's communication style, to engage with your partner at many levels to achieve harmony, to embrace your relationship at a higher level of understanding, to prevent divorce before marriage happens/after it happens, and to learn how to grow together throughout the years. 

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