Are Online Dating Auctions the Future Of Internet Dating?


Apps like Tinder and POF might be ancient history as people navigate more towards dating auctions.

What is it that defines a successful dating experience? Is it the ultimate outcome gained from a new romantic encounter, or should we be more interested in the “matchmaking” experience, the process by which we find our new partner? Although these questions have no simple answers, a number of new dating platforms are taking and developing entirely new matchmaking schemes in an effort to redefine how we think of romance in the 21st century.

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Although new online dating companies enter this competitive arena on a regular basis, including popular platforms like Zoosk, Tinder and OkCupid, these services remain largely tied to the conventional profile matchmaking services and algorithms championed across the industry. That being said, fresh ideas and strategies have slowly begun to enter this fascinating world of e-romance.

Take for example, the recent interest in “dating auctions,” platforms which allow singles to bid on dates with other interested parties. In these scenarios, romantic interest in another individual is expressed using the bidding process. Essentially, the more interested you are in dating a fellow online member, the more money you are willing to “invest” in them. While this idea has been heavily critiqued by those who argue that the process encourages little emotional investment, supporters of the bidding phenomena claim that this no-nonsense approach to dating allows both parties to enter a “first date” situation with everything “on the table.” 

On some level, the presence of dating auctions should not be so surprising. We have entered an era of online auctioning that has transitioned quickly from a simple internet phenomena to embedded cultural institution. Unlike more conventional online dating scenarios, where both men and women have been shocked or disappointed by the discrepancy in an individual’s real-world persona and their dating profile, dating auctions ensure that both parties leave the first date feeling justly rewarded for their time. Those who are attempting to conceal their identity using overly flattering pictures or false information will still be required to pay for the date they have bid on, or, in a situation where they are the subject of active bidding, refund the money that has been given to them.

PriceDate.com is one of the forerunners in this new method of online dating. Their engaging and attention-grabbing platform has garnered interest from daters across the country who are interesting in exploring the potential of this unconventional scheme. Additional information about PriceDate.com can be found on the company’s official website, www.PriceDate.com. Those interested in joining PriceDate.com are advised to familiarize themselves with the company’s extensive code of conduct, which clearly stipulates the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of their service, as well as a variety of tips that can help ensure a positive experience.

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