5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Experience Great Luck This Week Until April 21

Rivers of luck will flow for them.

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Stars in the sky will align for you if you want them to. That's the eccentric energy around luck this week, between April 15 and 21, 2024. Five Chinese zodiac signs—Snake, Rat, Pig, Rooster, and Monkey—will have the best experiences under its influence. So, are you ready to find out what you'll experience?

This week's I Ching hexagram of luck is Earth over Mountain (#15). It urges you to lean into honesty this week and watch the luck that comes your way. Just remember: honesty does not mean the inability to filter one's thoughts, to be cruel under the guise of transparency, or even to hold back personal information in a public sphere.


Honesty is simply the act of recognizing that you and the individuals you are being honest to will all benefit in the long run from building strong friendships, solid trust, and a healthy environment. Let that be your guiding light this week.

If you feel called to, get an I Ching reading from a professional. Ancient wisdom lies ahead on this path. Now, let's focus on the five Chinese zodiac signs that are the luckiest this week between April 15 and 21.


Five Chinese zodiac signs experience great luck this week until April 21:

1. Snake: Money, honey!

Snake, your luck this week is definitely tied to the arena of finances. If you are in the business of prospecting for an employer or customer, you will earn big this week. Others of you will gain when you make a concentrated effort to grow your wealth. Your luck this time will make sure your efforts are not wasted and are instead rewarded.

If you feel called to, wear the color yellow to boost your luck. Snake motifs and jewelry can help you, too, by aligning you with your zodiac sign's reservoir of natural luck. If you can combine the two — yellow and snakes — then it's even better!


2. Rat: Confident luck

Rat, your luck this week will make you confident. You won't even realize it unless someone points it out to you. So don't self-sabotage! Definitely don't allow anyone to deflate you. For some, this luck will give you the strength to end a toxic relationship or friendship, leading to a bright future and a healthier life.


If you feel called to, incorporate a mindfulness practice into your daily life now. Whether it's meditation, a tea ritual, or something else, it will help you access your luck and not let it slip through your fingers.

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3. Pig: Finding your tribe

Pig, your luck this week will help you find your soul tribe. Whether you meet that one crucial person who leads you to the rest or stumble upon a whole bunch of them online or offline while doing an activity, the result will be the same—bliss, happiness, and a sense of belonging. For some, this will happen through your love life.

If you feel called to, wear red this week or carry red-colored crystals in your pocket when you head out of your home. That will boost your luck and also strengthen your intuition.


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4. Rooster: Home luck

Rooster, your luck this week is tied to those you love and cherish. Spend time with them and let their presence fill your soul with joy and gratitude. Your luck will grow when you prioritize love over stress. Most of you will find this luck right in your home.

If you feel called to, cook food for your loved ones from scratch at least once this week. Let them feel your affection through your efforts. Let it also be a bonding exercise for all of you. A potluck or garden party is another great idea to bring all your favorite people together.

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5. Monkey: Clever money

Monkey, your luck this week is tied to your intelligence. It will bring you the wildest ideas and craziest inspiration that will enable you to get to the next level or defeat your opponents in the best manner possible. Don't hold yourself back. You have luck on your side!

If you feel called to, wear the color blue. It will boost your luck and also bring you collaborators and new friends, almost as if you conjured them out of thin air! Just remember: you can't pin down this luck. It will come, help you out, and then disappear without any input from you. All you can do is ride the wave and know that it's conspiring for you and not against you.

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