How The First Quarter Moon Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope All Week Starting April 15

A new beginning is a terrible thing to waste.

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Your weekly love horoscope for each zodiac sign is here for April 15 - 21, 2024. Everything in the cosmos is urging you to take advantage of a new beginning in your romantic life. Although Mercury isn’t direct until April 25, the tides of change have already shifted, reminding you that nothing is stopping you from taking advantage of magical moments in love.

This arrives with the magical connection between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Because of its rarity, this transit will significantly impact your life. While you can still proceed slowly, it’s important to be willing to trust in whatever path the universe directs you on, as this truly is a moment when divine timing is working for your greatest good.


Jupiter and Uranus last connected in 2011 and won’t do so again until 2037, helping you to embrace the moments of transformation in your life with the trust that they are the changes you need to have the romantic future you have always wanted.

While Uranus rules over unexpected changes and shocking turnarounds, Jupiter stands for abundance, luck, and your future. Together, they rule the energy in the week of April 15, reminding you that a new beginning isn’t only available. Still, it’s yours to choose to have the most delicious and expansive love affair that will last a lifetime.


Important Dates For April 15 - 21, 2024

Monday, April 15

The First Quarter Moon in Cancer will kick off the week, inspiring you to take action on the intention that you set with the New Moon in Aries. Cancer is the sign of home and family, so this could help you understand how to ground a great love affair into your everyday life or figure out how to more aptly progress your relationship into becoming true life partners. While the official Eclipse Portal closed on April 8 with the Aries Solar Eclipse, the energy will linger until the Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of April, so be mindful of events and timelines still having the ability to shift rapidly during this time.

Friday, April 19

Friday marks the start of Taurus Season. It’s time to focus on the security within your relationship and start to have the conversations necessary to feel confident you are on the same page. This can also be a time of sprucing up the home that you share with your partner or becoming more conscious about creating a space for love through soft textures in clothing and bedding. During this time, the idea is to pamper yourself and your partner but also to ensure you are doing the practical work necessary to set your relationship up for success.


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Saturn in Pisces will align with the North Node in Aries on Friday, offering an opportunity to take what you’ve learned and evolve into the romantic fate that has always been destined for you. Saturn asks that you get serious and committed and really lean into the lessons of the universe, while the North Node promises that once you do, everything will change in the most amazing ways possible.

Saturday, April 20

The year 2024 truly brings some once-in-a-lifetime astrological transits to help usher you into a new phase of your life. However, you are still progressing through what the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries brought up. The week of April 15 brings another monumental event — the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Conjunctions mean that the two planets are so close in the same zodiac sign that their energies merge, creating one powerful force. In this case, it will affect the area of your life that Taurus shows up in. It not only holds the ability to change your life forever, but it also will help bring to fruition themes that first arose in 2023 when Jupiter first shifted into Taurus.

Jupiter and Uranus last united in 2011 in the zodiac sign of Pisces and will not again until 2037 in the sign of Cancer. With astrological transits, the less often one occurs, the greater the impact it will have on your life. Hence, it’s important to reflect on where Taurus energy shows up and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embrace the changes that will lead to your most abundant life.


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Sunday, April 21

Asteroid Juno stations direct in Virgo, helping to bring opportunities for greater commitment, proposals, and engagements into your relationship. While this will be especially powerful for the zodiac signs of Pisces and Taurus that have Virgo in their houses of love, it will still serve to improve and help all relationships. Juno governs marriages, agreements, and contracts, so whether it’s a deeper commitment you’re seeking or a business partnership with your lover, this energy can help things progress more deeply. Juno direct and Mercury direct in just a few days on April 25. It’s time to follow your heart and let love lead truly.

How The First Quarter Moon in Cancer affects each zodiac sign's love horoscope this week starting April 15


Best Love Day: Monday, April 15

The First Quarter Moon in Cancer peaks in your home sector, kicking off a new plan or course of action. You are likely still riding high from the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries, which will help you continue to move forward with your life and take charge of your destiny. It’s important to honor your emotional truth in every decision during this time, especially if it involves your family.


Cancer is the zodiac sign that governs your life's roots, helping you understand how important your family is and what you consider your 'home.' The concept of the home includes the love that you have as well for the people closest to you. The First Quarter Moon on Monday is a phase of action due to an emotional truth or new awareness that you’re meant to do something different. You may feel called to change things about your home, spend more time with someone special, or reach out to an ex. No matter what direction you are guided to take, when the Moon is in Cancer, follow your heart.

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Best Love Day: Sunday, April 21

You are growing through an enormously expansive time in your life, where it may feel like you’ve been called to see things from a different perspective or take chances that you may not have previously considered. When it comes to love, these themes are incredibly important because they allow you to act lovingly, aiming for a specific outcome. As Juno stations direct in Virgo, you may suddenly arrive where you’ve always longed to be.


Asteroid Juno rules over marriage and romantic commitment, as it stations directly in Virgo on Sunday. It highlights these themes in your own life. Juno direct would make it an incredible time to meet someone with potential, have an important conversation about the future with your partner, say yes to an engagement, or buy your wedding ring. With this energy, you can feel confident that your decision is the right for the 'big love' you’ve always wanted.

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Best Love Day: Sunday, April 21

You may have felt flooded recently with an influx of new opportunities and possibilities in your life, especially in terms of your career and working with others toward greater achievement. Now it’s time to shift gears and return to a part of your life that is always one of the most important things to you — your home and who you share it with.


Asteroid Juno will station direct on Sunday in your domestic intimacy and home sectors, signaling that you will be feeling ready to make a change and greater commitment. You may have been thinking of moving for love or making a home purchase together with your partner, all of which are highly encouraged and favored under this energy. Use this time to commit, not just to where you want to call home but to your partner as well.

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Best Love Day: Monday, April 15

You can feel your best when you know confidently that you are making decisions from your heart. As an emotional water sign, logic will only come second to the emotions that you are feeling. Because of this, it’s incredibly important for you not to run or hide from your truth, as it actually acts like a north star, helping to direct your path forward and manifest greater love.


On Monday, The First Quarter Moon will rise in your zodiac sign of Cancer, signaling that it’s time to take action on listening to your own emotions. First Quarter Moons represent beginning to take steps toward manifesting what you’ve set an intention for on the New Moon. In this case, you are being guided to take action on what arose for you with the New Moon in Aries. You may need to be more open with a romantic partner about your feelings and what your intentions are for the relationship. As much as you can sometimes hold back, this is the time to go all in.

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Best Love Day: Friday, April 19

There are new beginnings of love blossoming all around you, and that will continue this week as Saturn in Pisces aligns with the North Node in Aries. While this week serves as an essential moment in your path to choose newness, you must remember that it is still all part of a bigger process meant to transform your life in the best possible ways.


Saturn in Pisces has been bringing in a greater sense of commitment and dedication in creating a dynamic, intimate connection with your romantic partner by surrendering to the continual process of transformation. As Saturn in Pisces aligns with the North Node in Aries, ruler of your house of abundance and fate, you will receive an opportunity for a new beginning in your romantic life. This could result in the fated meeting of a soulmate or in choosing to live more fully with your romantic partner. The most important aspect, though, is that there is nothing to fear with this energy, as it’s set to bring a beautiful, abundant phase into your life truly.

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Best Love Day: Friday, April 19

Saturn in Pisces has been helping to bring about a greater commitment in your romantic relationship or in approaching dating more seriously since 2023. This lets you know confidently what you want and then move with integrity and purpose as you strive to manifest it in your life. When it comes to love, you know firsthand that it can’t only be fun but also able to show up on the hard days.


On Friday, Saturn in Pisces, ruler of your house of relationships, will align with the North Node in Aries, which governs your house of luck, abundance, and new beginnings. This truly creates incredible luck in love energy that can help you embrace a greater sense of excitement and joy in your relationship, which is the payoff for having to take it so seriously. If single, this is a wonderful time to travel or get out of town for the weekend and open yourself up to the possibility of a new love.

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Best Love Day: Friday, April 19

You see a common theme in your romantic life: profound changes that are the direct result of your personal growth and healing. These changes allow you to see and manifest a healthier love than you’ve ever experienced, and while it may often feel like a dance of progress, it will help you find and create your forever love.


The North Node in Aries will align with Saturn in Pisces on Friday, calling your attention to the healthiness in your romantic life. If you’re in an existing connection, this is a great time to have a heart-to-heart conversation or look into couples therapy or a holistic healing process. By focusing on improving each of you's overall health, you can transform your relationship. If you are finding yourself open to new love, then this is great energy to focus on your boundaries and moving through the dating process, prioritizing yourself for once. When you rise to the occasion, the universe is also able to better support you in whatever you wish.

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Best Love Day: Saturday, April 20

You must remind yourself that you only deserve the absolute best. Whether you’re hoping for a positive development in an existing connection or considering opening yourself up to dating again, know that you will only receive wonderful changes in love moving forward. The lessons of your past are now behind you, so it’s time you start moving like they are.


On Saturday, the dynamic alignment of Jupiter and Uranus will occur in Taurus, activating your house of relationships and love. Uranus brings about unexpected developments, changes, and opportunities, while Jupiter helps expand and brings greater abundance and luck. This creates an energy of feeling incredibly lucky in love as you may realize that your romantic fate was closer than once seemed possible. Make sure you are open to the universe, ready to say yes, and truly expect nothing but the best from this point forward.

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Best Love Day: Friday, April 19

There is so much beautiful energy surrounding you as you prepare to enter a new phase in your romantic life. The North Node in Aries just created a profound moment of commitment as the Solar Eclipse and New Moon activated it. This energy was about helping you tune into the marriage or relationship that feels most aligned with your soul so you could seize a brand-new beginning or phase in matters of the heart. This energy works in stages and steps as it helps to arrange the collective pieces of your fate so you can feel fulfilled by all you have created.


As Saturn in Pisces aligns with the North Node in Aries, a strong theme will be between your romantic commitment, home, family, and healing. Saturn in Pisces has encouraged you to get more serious about buying a home, creating a strong family, and developing a romantic relationship. The North Node in Aries reminds you of what you want and what has always been meant for you. As these two unite, there’s a powerful force that could signify a deeper commitment, a change of address, or a return of joy to your relationship. Continue on the path, knowing and trusting that each step is worth it.

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Best Love Day: Saturday, April 20


This year allows you to learn and create a greater balance between your professional and personal life. This is due to the Nodes of Fate helping you remember what is most important and recognize that you can find success in multiple areas of your life and not ever feel like you have to choose or sacrifice between the two. As you have leaned more into this realization, you’ve been unknowingly paving the way for a deeper love to grow in your relationship and life.

On Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus will unite in Taurus in your house of marriage and joy. This part of your life can help you find, or commit to, the person that you feel like you don’t want to live your life without. It also brings a lighter sense of joy and fulfillment to your relationship as you can feel greater ease and connection with a partner. As Jupiter and Uranus join together in this area of your life, expect the unexpected and know it will be nothing but all you have ever dreamed of.

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Best Love Day: Saturday, April 20


There are changes in store, but nothing should surprise you now. Jupiter has been in Taurus since 2023, bringing an energy of expansiveness to your relationship and home in the best ways possible — even if there were some bumps along the way. This can serve as amazing energy for your relationship as you explore a deeper level of intimacy and feel like you are truly creating a lifelong partnership.

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will spotlight transformation into your home and domestic intimacy sector, creating a pivotal moment in your relationship. Uranus does tend to work in unexpected ways. Still, this energy and shift is something that you’ve been progressively working towards, so if you’re honest with yourself, you already have an awareness of what this will bring. With this new energy that Jupiter will bring, you are reaching a fruition point in your relationship and life as you allow your life to change and make space for greater love.

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Best Love Day: Sunday, April 21


This week has an energy that will emphasize a long-term romantic commitment in your life. This begins with the First Quarter Moon in Cancer in your house of marriage and then will be activated by Juno stationing direct in Virgo in your sector of love and relationships. You may have been moving through a time of healing since ending a past relationship and learning what it is that you’re worth. This has led you to reflect on the necessity of boundaries and transparency in your needs — something that doesn’t always come easy but proves to make all the difference.

As Juno stations direct in Virgo, your period of reflection ends, and you can move forward. Whether with yourself and enjoying your best life or being open to love again, this energy will help you feel like things are truly flowing again. If you are in an existing relationship, Juno direct can help it feel like the connection is progressing again and move you through a challenging period into a more abundant and loving one. Trust in your heart to know when it’s time to take a chance for love because it’s one that this time will only continue to grow.

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