March 2024 Monthly Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

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March 2024 Monthly Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

Welcome to the Monthly Tarot Card reading, which will be a good one, my friends. We will shuffle the deck and select three Tarot cards per zodiac sign, and each card will represent what we're coming from, where we stand right now, and what we can look forward to.

We will share keywords covering ideas and concepts we can remember for the month.

There is an old expression, 'Beware the Ides of March,' and for some reason, the month of March seems to come with apprehension and dread, as if we are slaves to an expression that was born in antiquity. Let's toss aside that ridiculous notion and breathe again.

A month cannot be a 'bad luck' month, and we all know it. But we also know that our minds play a very big part in what we create for ourselves, so let's keep that thinking up in the air, where our thought patterns can reverberate in the sunlight.

The cards tell it all, and we must accept or reject what messages they reveal. Let us see what each zodiac sign receives as their message of the month, according to the three cards randomly selected for our personal readings. Let's begin!

March 2024 monthly tarot horoscope for each zodiac sign:


(March 21 - April 19)

Past: The Star, reversed

It's time to set aside those old ways, as this month has you reflecting on how 'good' you used to be at something. While you were excellent and worthy of all praise, something presses you to move on, and you get the hint. It's time to own your victories and move on to new ones.

Present: Four of Pentacles

This month, you have been feeling great about your accomplishments, knowing you must continue as scheduled. You are great at what you do, but you are also someone who could easily 'take too much time off,' and this month, you feel as though that wouldn't be the right move.

Future: Knight of Cups

The future has you marching on as a true soldier of love as you take what you believe with you, and it works for you ... and for those around you. You are someone who wishes to spread the word of love, and you will find that it is the perfect time for you to feel confident in your ability to teach, share, provide and enable others on your path.

Keywords: Memories of who you used to be, privilege, identity, learning from mistakes, knowing what is right and what is wrong, making better choices, leaving the past behind, completing something that needs completion once and for all.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Past: The Hierophant, reversed

You are someone who really likes to learn about history and the great teachings of the past, and while you've gone in and out of spiritual paths, you are still seeking the truth via whatever means seem to interest you at the time. This card shows that you are a seeker but one who hasn't found their way as of yet.

Present: Eight of Swords, reversed

The present offers you a view of 'what not to do' regarding certain important decisions you will make this month. You are a person of great experience and will use that knowledge to your benefit during this time. If pressed to decide on something, you will make the right choice, as you do it with experience and knowledge under your belt.

Future: Eight of Wands, reversed

A total reversal is in store for you, Taurus, when it comes to love, as you are about to take your situation and flip it over. You are, by nature, a hard worker, and when it comes to your love life, you're nothing short of dazzling when you put in the effort. Your future consists of great love and the ability to transform yourself.

Keywords: Understanding your new situation, feeling confident but shaky at first, seeing the future clearly, wanting to be involved in positive change, learning from bad choices, making the best of a bad situation, hard work, knowing that love is all in the long run.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Past: Seven of Swords

What you've gotten away with in the past may ring as a victory to you, Gemini, and this is something you'll need to go over this month. You are very clever at times, although there may be things you've neglected, and you might see that this neglect is still on your mind, bothering you.

Present: Five of Pentacles

You may see that right now, you are overly concerned with making it all right, as those neglectful moves of the past are just things that you feel compelled to 'make right.' What's interesting here is that you get right to it. This card shows you working very hard towards righting the wrongs, and you will most definitely get past all of it safely, Gemini.

Future: Two of Wands

The future has you looking back on what you did to get here, and you'll be proud that you chose the righteous path and didn't let your tendency to run away from a problem rule your world. You are fully accepting of who you are, and you see this person as someone brave, wise, and good. That is who you are, Gemini.

Keywords: Prophecy, seeing clearly, knowing that you are in charge of your own destiny, seeing where you went wrong and improving on it, working hard, honoring the workplace, accepting your position, feeling inspiration, being inspired, creativity, intelligence and vision.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Past: Judgment, reversed

What doesn't go right for you is something you grapple with, but that doesn't mean you've failed in any way, Cancer. You have just come to know that even when you try hard, you still risk not getting what you want, but that's not 'you'. That's the way the world works, and it's OK...be it fair or not.

Present: Knight of Wands, reversed

Being that you are someone who will try and try again, you'll see that all it really takes for you to achieve the success you want is to have a solid plan and a focused direction. You may be exploring options, you'll know that at least you can get up and do it again if need be. Nothing stops you, not even a roadblock.

Future: Ten of Pentacles, reversed

Finally, it all works out for you, Cancer. While getting here has been a hard road, you'll see that all your efforts were not in vain. You've done yourself a great favor by not giving up, even when the odds were against you. This is where things change for you and where you can apply all the gathered knowledge you've worked on in the past.

Keywords: Recognizing mistakes, knowing better this time around, accepting a bad decision, accepting that you didn't get what you wanted, knowing you can shape your own fate, taking the reins, being powerful in your choices, using discretion, working hard and making a lot of money, spending and sharing your wealth with loved ones.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Past: Strength, reversed

You have spent a lot of time showing others what you are made of, and you've made quite an impression on them, as well. Still, all of this spent energy has you feeling a bit drained, and this lack of energy makes you feel as though you need a real vacation from it all.

Present: Seven of Wands

Having that downtime really worked for you, and while the present has you back at it again, you are also OK with it all, as long as you recognize when you need a break and tend to it. You are not a machine, after all, Leo, and while you like impressing people with your stamina and ability, you fully recognize that even you need a staycation now and then. That's alright!

Future: King of Wands

In the long run, you are the one who gets to sit back on your throne and feel happy for the hard efforts you've put in, along with the times you've declared 'rest time.' You are at one with the world, with your romantic partner and your place of work. The future has you knowing that all moves were made with purpose and that you are truly in control of your life.

Keywords: Feeling tired but resolved to get your power back, knowing that certain important decisions rest on your shoulders, taking the initiative, doing the right thing, setting the right example for others, being there for others, finding order in chaos and setting things straight for the future.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Past: Ace of Pentacles, reversed

What you know about yourself is that if money is the issue, then you're on the stress wagon again, and that's what so much of the past has been about for you, Virgo. You will reflect on how much time you've spent worrying needlessly about money and finances.

Present: Nine of Cups

And here you are today, and it's March, and what do you know? Everything has worked out after all, hasn't it? This month has you accepting a truth that you never thought could possibly be yourself, and that is that at the moment...everything is great. You are loved, and you are financially secure. You may not be a zillionaire, but in your world, you have it all.

Future: The Hanged Man, reversed

The future has you seeing your own life from a completely different perspective than you have before, and this is mainly because you've come to see that life is short, so why waste all of your time worrying? This card suggests that your life will be much calmer in the future than it's ever been in the past, and good for you for that effort!

Keywords: Accepting that you are unique, knowing that things don't always work out your way but that this still has its benefits, being proud of what you do have as opposed to moaning over what you don't have, honoring your own unique perspective and sticking with your gut feeling, using intuition, creative progress.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Past: Three of Pentacles

You have always enjoyed the praise that you can count on when you show others what you can do, and when it comes to creative acts, you're right up there. What inspires you to move forward is the acceptance of your skills by other people, which is something you've grown used to in the past.

Present: Eight of Pentacles

Here you are again, and it's March of 2024, and you're right back at it, impressing others with your intense ability to create art. You do what others cannot do and you take pride in it. You aren't a snob about it, though; you are simply dedicated to a fault, and you will spend much of the month alone working on your craft.

Future: Six of Cups, reversed

The future shows that all of your hard work is nothing if you cannot share it with someone, and you will definitely be sharing so much with someone you love in the days to come. Whether it's a friend or a romantic partner, you'll get to know the feeling of uniting with someone over the love of art, music, literature or some version of creativity.

Keywords: Hard work, decisive work, loving your job, knowing that you do what you do with purpose and love, being considerate, expressing gratitude, taking pride in all you've brought to the world, being there for someone else, not always understanding but trying your best to do so anyway.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Past: The Devil, reversed

You've done all you can to give up bad habits and have been tremendously successful at it, Scorpio. While you don't necessarily trust that you won't be tempted again, you'll be using the past as the prime example of what not to do when it comes to this bad habit and how to get past it.

Present: The Hermit, reversed

To achieve what you intend to get done, you'll be spending a lot of time alone, and that's a good thing because being alone lets you see yourself clearly. You won't be comparing yourself to others, and you'll be able to rise above your own efforts. March is a great month for self-healing and personal growth.

Future: Page of Swords, reversed

Learning to do new things is what the future has in store for you, Scorpio, as you are now someone who accepts the idea that you don't know it all, so why not learn something new and fascinating? You aren't holding back any longer, and those bad habits are finally kicked, once and for all.

Keywords: Leaving behind terrible habits, knowing that you have kicked those bad habits, needing time alone to meditate and contemplate what will turn out to be a great success for you, owning your authenticity, seeing yourself as a true individual, loving yourself, being able to stand on your own, empathy, originality, independence and innocence.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Past: Ten of Swords, reversed

Getting to the place where you can see exactly what brought pain in your life has been a long, hard journey, but you can finally see that the pain is in the past and no longer a part of your everyday life. You have learned from this pain, and you now know how to maneuver your life toward the positive. It's real and sincere, and you feel it in your bones.

Present: Queen of Pentacles

It's time to take up the mantle of being the authority on your own life once again. You feel so strong and wise this month that you no longer see the point in holding back. You've learned all you can learn from the past, and you are only here now for the goodness that is all around you.

Future: Two of Pentacles

It feels great for you to know that the future is up to you and that you are no longer a slave to the past or the way it had you thinking. You are now free to choose, and choose you will. You are capable of taking care of yourself and doing the right thing by yourself and by others. You've come a long way, Sagittarius.

Keywords: Knowing and naming the events that hurt you, leaving the past behind 'officially,' enjoying what you can do now, exploring your own talents, working with newfound knowledge, finding childlike innocence in new endeavors, releasing the need to refer to the past, making every moment count.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Past: Nine of Wands, reversed

The days of waiting on someone else to come through for you are over, as the past has shown you that if there's something that needs doing, it's you who must do it and no one else. This was a hard lesson to learn, but it also taught you that waiting on expectations is a raw deal and one you can avoid.

Present: Three of Cups

And here we are now, and in March, you will conduct your life in such a way that one who might witness you in action would say that you are happy and well-loved by all your friends. And friendship plays a huge role in what makes you feel content. Enjoy many outings and meals with friends and family.

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Future: Two of Swords

Your good fortune leads you to a place in the future where you'll have to decide which road to take to continue on with this great good luck of yours. You are strong-willed and confident, and while you are uncertain of what the future holds, you trust that you will make the right choice...because you trust your judgment. 

Keywords: Friendship and social gathering, knowing when it's time to quit, allowing yourself a rest period if your body tells you it's time, considering whether to change your life or continue to work on what you've got right now, relationship improvements, major decision, positive acceptance and belief in goodness.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Past: Ten of Wands

You've just gone through a lot due to someone else's making, and while it's nothing you need to take with you, you were made quite tired by the whole thing. Family pressures involved you to a degree that almost got the best of you, but it's now safely tucked into the past. You can move freely now, Aquarius.

Present: Seven of Cups, reversed

While you are quite aware of the love in your life, you may feel that it is not the main focus, as you are someone who needs to fine-tune your focus on one thing at a time. You have fingers in many pots, but one finger at a time is how you groove through the world, and you'll be concentrating on creativity rather than romance.

Future: Five of Swords

It appears you'll finish all your work, and then you'll finally have time to reorganize and look back with happiness. The future has you feeling successful and accomplished, which is not something you feel is guaranteed. For the first time in forever, the future is more than just a concept; it's a statement of your work and the victory that comes from it.

Keywords: Putting yourself to work for the first time in a long while, knowing that your work is a labor of love, having a strict schedule, tidying up after others, knowing that you aren't living in a bubble, sharing, playing your part, excelling in creative acts, hunkering down and getting things done, reveling in the power of the mind.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Past: Ace of Wands, reversed

If you are dealing with a big rejection, consider this a marker in your life that represents the past, as it is officially over. You tried very hard to get something, and in the long run, it passed you by. Well, that was then, and this is now, and you most certainly won't be overruled by one little rejection.

Present: The Emperor, reversed

Restoring yourself as the authority in your life is what this month has in store for you, Pisces, as you can fully recover from whatever losses you recently experienced. You realize that you need to take charge of your life, and while this doesn't please everyone around you, you know that it's best for you and all concerned if you make a few unilateral decisions.

Future: Five of Wands

You can't control the world, but in the future, you'll be able to control yourself at least, so you can count on the idea that if others get feisty, it's not your doing. You are here to control yourself and live your life happily. If others choose to become upset over this, then they are wasting their own precious time. The future has you discerning between aggravation and involvement.

Keywords: Working with a rejection, knowing you can do better, feeling as though your station in life has been threatened, working hard to restore order, finding that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve incredible results, making everything into a success story, remaining calm in the face of the storm.

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